Aiden Tyler Gets A Big One In A Gay Gym Cruising Video

I do love a god gay gym cruising video, especially when it involves a hot bottom taking on a real big uncut cock!

A little fact about me… I probably spend more time making excuses to not go to the gym than I do in the gym.

Am I unusual in that? Probably not. Let me know in the comments if you’re the same.

I have to admit, if there was a guarantee of enjoying some big uncut dick in the locker room I would be going every day. I’d probably look like Arnie right now.

This gym cruising video definitely makes me want to go and enjoy a session.

Don’t get me wrong, I have hooked up at the gym. My gym is the kind of place where you’ll always see dicks in the locker room. Most of the time it’s guys showing off, maybe you’ll get some mutual wanky fun, and occasionally a good sucking.

Nothing like this, though.

We have hung King Cuba looking to get his big uncut meat sucked, but he gets more than that when he hits on handsome and rugged Aiden Tyler.

This dude knows the deal.

As soon as they make the briefest of introductions they’re groping for dong.

While some of the locker room porn out there can be quite convincing, it has to be said that the lack of observers for this encounter isn’t too realistic.

Not that I’m complaining.

I’m sure plenty of guys do eat ass and bareback fuck in gym locker rooms, but it’s definitely not the kind of thing I’ve encountered. There are just too many dudes around usually.

These two don’t have that problem.

After gobbling that big intact meat Aiden is getting his raw ass eaten and filled by his new friend.

It’s a great fucking, the kind of gay gym cruising video that will have you checking out every dude you see in the gym the next time you go.

Enjoy some pics and click here to watch it at ASG Max. I’m gonna go make sure my gym gear is clean for this evening 🙂

You’re still here? Click to hit play on this gay gym cruising video!

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