Amateur men try something new in Curious Straight Men!

click to watch Curious Straight Men at TLA Gay Unlimited
They leave with cocks emptied and their curiosity satisfied!

I know I’m not the only one here who loves showing a straight guy how much fun cock can be. I’ll admit it, I’ve led a few curious dudes astray over the years. In fact, I believe I did a pretty good job of convincing them to at least play for our team occasionally in the future. Curious Straight Men from the Epic Male studio takes us on a journey with several horny straight guys just getting into sharing their dicks with other dudes, and it’s pretty damn hot.

click to watch Curious Straight Men at TLA Gay Unlimited
They leave with cocks emptied and their curiosity satisfied!
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Full cast list: Aaron Tyler, Brad Slater, Chris Peres, Enrique Currero, Gabriel D’Alessandro, Jarrad Parks, Mario Balato, Park Wiley, Skyler Lee, Troy Taylor

Studio: Epic Male

I know there’s a lot of bullshit out there when it comes to “straight” guys in gay porn, but this is one of those movies where you know it’s true, they really are straight (or maybe straight-ish). Not all the men here are straight identifying, they need some bisexual or gay guys to get the precum flowing, but that just makes it hotter for guys like us who appreciate the sight of a hetero guy trying it for the first time.

Sometimes you can just tell when it’s genuine when the amateur guys really are getting their first taste or first fuck, and while I think maybe a couple of these guys have been a little curious before and let a buddy suck their dick or they’ve jacked a bro, they go all the way in these four scenes,

It’s one hour and forty minutes of curious straight men getting their rocks off in a new way, and it’s awesome to watch, especially if you like seeing amateur style hardcore too. You get all kinds of men in this one, from the twink to the masculine hunk, and all of it is worth watching.

I have to admit, most of my straight guy encounters have been one-way, at least to start with, but it does seem to be that most guys who are willing to try anything with a dude will at least suck a cock, and probably enjoy it.

Check out some pics from the action and click through for the full movie. If you still somehow don’t know what TLA Gay Unlimited gets you then you should read our review of it too, you’ll find out why it’s the best gay porn streaming service in the world. Seriously, you need to be signed up there. It’s an immense collection and your dick will thank you! 🙂

Gabriel D’Alessandro and Mario Balato enjoy their dicks
Twinky pals Troy Taylor and Jarrad Parks have fun
Aaron Tyler and Skyler Lee in Curious straight men
Brad Slater and Enrique Currero fuck

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