Hot Anal Play Session with Zack Randall and New Guy Austin Phisher!

You guys know I have a thing for Zack Randall and his big uncut cock, right? I’ll freely admit that I’m a bit of a fanboy for this guy, so you can probably imagine that when this new video arrived I clicked on it immediately. Austin Phisher is back, and he’s arrived with toys!

New guy Austin gets some anal treatment from big-dicked Zack


I can’t say I’d know what I would do if I was planning to have a nice long wank and Austin arrived to interrupt me, but I can tell you that I would be more than happy for the guy to join me, which is exactly what Zack suggests.

Now, I also need to point out that they don’t do stories and fantasies too well there. Sorry guys, it’s just true. This is a good example of it as Austin reveals he has a sex toy in his pocket, just walking around with it, like he was expecting to be fucked with it at any moment by someone he ran into. I’m not one to brag about my modest talents, I’m just saying that you could get me drunk, put a shock collar around my neck, force me onto a roller-coaster with a laptop and I would write a better theme for this video! 🙂

Having bitched about it enough, I still admit that it’s hot to watch as these guys suck those big juicy dicks and Zack slides a toy into his friend’s ass to give him some thrills before sliding his meaty tool in there and fucking the cum out of him.

Anything Zack does is gonna be hot to me, I just wish they would try a little harder with their stories and themes now and then.

Check out some pics, and if you haven’t read our Zack Randall site review you probably should. Click through for the video!


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