Average Joe’s Get Freaky, and Have Some Fun in Real Men #54 at TLA Unlimited!

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How many of these regular guys would you blow?


We are inundated with the hottest guys 24/7. Everywhere you look there is buff, toned, handsome jocks with big cocks banging each other on video. Sometimes, we just want to see some horny regular guys having some fun and exploring new things, and that’s what you get in Real Men #54 streaming now at TLA Unlimited.

click to watch Real Men 54 dvd at TLA video
How many of these regular guys would you blow?

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Studio: Workin’ Men XXX

There are several men in my life who I would consider average guys who I would gladly fuck around with. For instance, there’s a fucking hot hunky dude who works at the pub five minutes from me who you would probably call an “average guy”, but he’s so fucking handsome and he’s got a great long and thick cock too. I know, because I’ve seen him swinging it around at the urinals. He’s a show-off and he likes to tease, but so far even though we’ve flashed each other our dicks and had a few jokes about stuff he’s not down to do anything.

These men in Real Men #54 are, some more than others. They’re the regular guys you might see cruising for a quick suck at the truck stop or in the bar men’s room, but they’re on video and getting their dicks out for a jack off or to jack each other, or suck a cock… or even fuck.

Yeah, they might be straight, married, totally inexperienced with other guys, but almost all of them who get to feel another cock for the first time are soon diving in with their greedy mouths and exploring tight butt holes. It’s actually pretty amazing to see some of these guys getting so into it when they probably didn’t think they would be down.

It gives me hope that one day that hot dude at the bar will take the plunge.

Obviously, this is the 54th edition of this long-running series from Working’ Men XXX and it appears that our friends TLA Unlimited has nearly every one of their releases. Rest assured, there’s plenty to keep you occupied long after you’ve jacked off to this almost three-hour-long movie!

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