Beefy Muscle Boy Taras Valentin Can Come Back Any Time!

He’s a beefy muscle boy with an awesome attitude and a happy nature. After watching him enjoying a hand job I’m looking forward to more at William Higgins.

Beefy Muscle Boy Taras Valentin

I’m gonna say it.

Taras Valentin smiles too much.

I guess it’s pretty rare to see a model so at ease and so happy to be getting naked for a gay porn site. It’s one thing to be happy to get that long dick out and another to have that kind of constant smile. lol

I’m being picky, I know.

This isn’t his first time on the site. He’s been in a few group sessions already and had a massage and hand job.

Apparently, he enjoyed that massage so much they’ve brought him back for another wank!

These photos don’t really reflect what’s in the new video and I don’t know why. Still, I’m going to share them anyway because you’re gonna want to check out his big dick and watch the hand job session.

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This beefy muscle boy is definitely one for the cub fans.

He’s got that kind of bulky body I know a lot of guys love. He works out, likes running and cycling, but you can tell he’s going through a bulking stage right now and it works well for him.

I would like to see him again when he’s turned those extra pounds into muscle, though. I think he’s going to look like quite the muscle stud if he does it right.

Listen to me acting like I know anything. The truth is I’ve sucked a few bodybuilders in my time and you kind of pick up a few things when you’re hanging out with them. 🙂

He’s getting a nice milking in the video, enjoying some hole play too. In the end, he gets that messy load pulled out of his big dick and he looks happy with the result.

Check out some pics of the beefy muscle boy showing off his long uncut dick. Make sure you click here to watch his hand job!

Taras Valentin William Higgins
Taras Valentin ready to wank
Beefy Muscle Boy Taras Valentin Poses
Taras Valentin flashes cheeky grin and long cock
Taras Valentin is a Beefy Muscle Boy
Beefy Muscle Boy poses at William Higgins
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