We’re Getting Real (Horny) With The Belami Housemates!

I’m pretty surprised this is the first time I’ve heard about the Belami Housemates. I’m already hoping this is an ongoing thing at TopRatedGayPorn.Live!

BelAmi Housemates

Before I do anything else, I must complain about the model list or lack thereof. Plus, there are so few pics to share with you.

I normally wouldn’t write about something without a lot of pics.

On this occasion, I believe I need to.

If you remember the days of the FratPad and the live streams from the BelAmi Chat house a bunch of hot hunks were sharing, then you know what you can expect from this.

And you know why I want this to continue to be a thing.

It’s Big Brother meets gay porn! It’s damn hot to watch and more addictive than any other reality show.

Honestly, who needs to see a bunch of unknown people in drama all the time when you could have this instead?

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I must admit that I’m surprised it’s taken so long for something like this to happen again.

I know how popular the FratPad was back in the day. Moreover, it was one of the first sites I ever joined.

We loved it so much, and we were pissed when it ended.

There’s something so hot about seeing these Belami Housemates just enjoying themselves, showing off for the fans, and having a good time with all those dicks. 😉

You’ll recognize some of the BelAmi models taking part.

It’s not all their most popular performers, and I’m not going to name them, but there’s a good mix of handsome hunks and twinky boys.

Being Belami Housemates, you can expect a lot of uncut cock, a lot of wanking, plenty of sucking, and some really good fucking.

While I don’t have loads of photos to share with you, I think you know enough to want to check it out, so click here and see what’s happening on BelAmi cam.

They were teasing with some dildos earlier. I might have to pop back in and see who’s getting it in the ass! lol

Let’s hope they plan to continue with this is the start. We all need this BelAmi chat format to come back, right?

BelAmi Housemates Pics

BelAmi Chat

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