Big Man Igor Blaska Likes Being Naked!


Okay guys, so this dude is something a little different and I think a lot of you are gonna be looking forward to more of him in action over at William Higgins after this solo.

I know I’ve said this before but it definitely needs to be said again here. The photos do not do this guy justice. I don’t know why their photography doesn’t match the videos, but you absolutely have to go and check out his solo to properly see how sexy this big man is.

His name is Igor Blaska and he’s a 37-year-old straight guy from the Czech Republic. He’s older than pretty much all the guys they’ve ever have featured at Wiliam Higgins. Nevertheless, I think that just means that a lot of fans are gonna want to see him fucking some tight little twinky ass in the next few months.

Can you imagine this big man completely owning a tight little twink? Yeah, I think we need to see that happen.

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Igor asserts that he’s definitely straight and never done anything with a dude. That said, we all know he’s probably gonna be back for a massage and hand job. Something I believe we would all gladly volunteer for. Honestly, put me on a plane and fly me over, I’ll do it for free.

I’m pretty sure he would really enjoy it, too. I’ve met a lot of straight muscled men like him into bodybuilding and all that stuff and in my experience. They all love showing off their bodies and being explored. You’d be surprised how many guys like him get rock hard when they know another guy is checking them out. 🙂

Igor Blaska seems to be that kind of show off. As soon as his meaty uncut cock is out he’s stiffening up. Even when he’s showing his beefy ass he’s clearly enjoying being watched and admired.

So, who wants to start taking bets? Are we gonna see him sucking dick in the next couple of months? Will we see him fucking a tight little twink with that big straight dick? Let me know in the comments.

Click here to see Igor Blaska shooting off his cum load in his debut jack off. If you still somehow don’t know why William Higgins is awesome you should read my review of it.

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