Bisexual Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation

Bisexual Masturbation is a topic that consumes my life and makes me a better, more focused individual. I consider myself an expert on the subject, allow me to explain. I am nineteen years old, fit, sexy and go to the gym regularly. My dick is huge, ten inches, and I like girls and guys. I always wanted to be in a relationship with both guy and a girl. I thought this is not common, but while I talk with my friends, I noticed that many of them have the same sexual desires as me. Bisexual people tend to be my best friends, and my lifestyle definitely increases my odds of getting laid at any given time.

Bisexual Masturbation

Bisexual Masturbation

When I am alone, all I think is about cocks. I want huge cocks, mega dicks around me. In my mouth, in my ass. Then, I want cum all over my body, in my mouth, down my throat. Yes, I am obsessed with dicks, and I want to feel dicks every day. This is a story of my first dick, and it was very special to me. In fact, it still is after several months. What makes this true story special is that highly sexual people such as myself need a release. I firmly believe the world would be a better place if we came more and talked about politics less.

I need sex every day. If I don’t have sex, I jerk off several times per day. Bisexual masturbation affords me the privilege of having sex with both men and on rare occasion women. When I go to college, my dick becomes hard out of the blue, no pun intended. I need to jerk off right there right now, in case I don’t I will get nervous. Honestly, I can’t concentrate at all, I can’t focus.

One night, I was surfing my favorite online real gay porn website, and there was a video with two straight guys who were best friends. They were in front of a web camera, and they chatted with other people. They were horny, and all of a sudden, one of them took out his cock. His cock was hard and erect. His friend was smiling all the time, he was teasing him, and I expected some girl will come around. But they were alone, and people who chatted with them asked them are they gay or straight.

Mutual Masturbation Gay Porn

Mutual Masturbation

They told me they were both straight, but other guy took out his cock and they started to jerk off cocks at the same time. One thing leads to another, and they began to jerk off cocks mutually. It was such a fucking turn on for me, and I wanted to experience the same. There were no blowjobs, there was no sex, only masturbation. Mutual masturbation. They wanked each other until they came. Then they pretended as nothing happened at all. It was so scorching hot.

In college, I have several bisex friends. One day, I was in class with my friend John. He watched porn during class, and he invited me to attend with him. But, I was stunned, because he watched gay porn, gay submissive porn. He told me he finds that very attractive and he even had gay sex with his neighbor. His cock was hard, and I could see it through his pants. He said, let’s wank off together. I said, “Are you crazy, man, someone will see us.” “I don’t care,” he replied as he took out his enormous veiny cock. Then, John started to jerk off right in from of me.

Some freshmen girls saw him, and they began to giggle. But he didn’t care, his thick cock was right there in front of them. I wanted to join him. But, after a while, things become hot and heavy, I couldn’t look away, and I watched at his cock all the time. He noticed that, and he told me to touch it. What, here? I can’t, I said. Let’s go to the bathroom to jerk off together, maybe I’ll let you finish me off. I said, okay, why not because I was so horny and I couldn’t help myself.

Bisexual Masturbation in Public

Bisexual ass fucking

John and I went to the bathroom, where he grabbed my cock immediately. He said he wanted to taste that cock since he saw me for the first time. John kneeled in front of me and put my cock deep in his mouth, he gagged on it, and he said, “Fuck me, fuck me hard in my mouth.” So, I did, I grabbed his throat, and I put my cock as deep as I could. He couldn’t breathe, but the look in his eyes told me he wanted to continue. While I face fucked him, he grabbed his cock. I started to tremble precum. I squeezed my balls cock and balls as hard as I could trying not to yank the cum out of it, yet!

“Do you want to taste my cock?” John asked not needing to ask me twice. I opened my mouth, kissed his engorged head, and gave him a blowjob like never before. With my tongue, I licked his head, his tip, his balls, and finally whole cock. I slurped all my saliva mixed with his precum, it was so tasty. Fuck me in the ass, I want your cock right now, I said, and I bent myself over. He penetrated fast and hard with only well-placed spit as a lubricant. I felt so excited.

John was very horny, he was aggressive. I like aggressive bisexual men. He fucked me in my ass, and I jerked off at the same time. When he came, I turned around, opened my mouth and swallowed every drop. As we cooled down a  bit, we heard a knock on the door. We thought it was a cleaning lady or janitor. But, it was Jenny, one of the freshmen girls from outside.

Bisexual Masturbation MMF Threesome

MMF Threesome

She was supposedly there to pee. But, heard some moaning and wanted to see if everything was OK. Jenny then confessed she wanted to join us. I was pleased to see her because I wanted to see her suck Johns cock after having been on my virgin ass! She wanted to witness bisexual masturbation for the first time as well as try two dicks at the same time. So, she kneeled and started to suck our cocks. She was an experienced cock sucker and knew what she was doing. We wanted to fuck her face fast and hard. She screamed, but not too loud, purposely holding the moan because someone could find here us and we needed to be as quiet as possible. We learned that the first time per Jenny’s surprise knocks on the door.

Unfortunately, our Bisexual Masturbation blowjob party didn’t last long because we were horny as never before. John and I  both came on her face and on her tits. It was a bukkake like facial as cum covered Jenny’s face like a glazed donut. We cleaned ourselves, and we got back to our classes. Nobody noticed anything, but I think we smelled like cum for hours after this sex game. We agreed we will try MMF threesome sex very soon because Jenny confessed to having several girlfriends who are interested in fucking this. John said he will likely fuck both me and her at the same time, and I just laughed. I wanted to share my several sex stories with you so I will write more soon.

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