Stream Tools Of The Trade To Get Your Fix Of Hung Blue Collar Men!

You’ll be looking for any excuse to call a mechanic or a plumber when you check out the blue collar men in this classic gay porn movie.

Tools Of The Trade Blue Collar Men
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Cast list: Chase Allen, Dane Tarson, John Cruz, Kyle Brandon, Max Grand, Michael Cody

Studio: Catalina Video

Yes, I like hunky and handsome men from back in the day.

I make no secret of this.

The 90s was the best decade for a lot of reasons (grunge music was awesome). In addition, porn from that era was seriously hot.

You can tell from these 5 scenes that it was filmed back then even if the release date on it is 2010. I’m not wrong, am I?

Not that it matters. We’re here for the handsome hard working hunks getting their big meaty cocks out to share them with each other.

If you like blue collar men as much as I do, you’re gonna be streaming this classic movie more than once.

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The scenes aren’t long but, no complaints here. Altogether we get more than an hour of hardcore fun with so much greedy slurping you’re gonna be dribbling with delight while you stroke along.

We start things out with a kinky spy session, a hairy daddy jacking his uncut cock while someone peeks through a hole to enjoy the show.

Soon we’re joining hard working men hauling their big juicy dicks out of their coveralls. Then slurping on each other’s inches and stuffing boners into each other’s butts!

The masculinity is off the charts. They’re handsome, rugged, boned up, and desperate for pleasure. Trading slurps and swapping holes to get their meaty tools gushing cream in impressive climaxes.

I admit that by the end of this movie I was contemplating a change of career.

While a lot of guys think jock straps, cowboy boots, or military uniforms are hot, can we show a little appreciation for coveralls?

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