Boys Jacking Each Other – Bruce Querelle And Pierre Cezanne

One of my kinks is pretty simple. I love seeing two horny boys jacking each other and just enjoying their cocks. Of course, I had to share this new video from BelAmi!

Boys Jacking Each Other BelAmi

Neither of these stunningly handsome young men is new to sharing their hard uncut cock with another guy.

They’ve both been in some awesome sucking and fucking videos before this. You’re definitely gonna want to check those out too.

You can see why these two are so popular on the site, right?

Just look at those faces!

How does a gay porn site find guys this insanely hot to get their cocks out and have some fun?

And how do I get the job of finding them for a studio like BelAmi? lol

For this new scene, it’s all about the friendship and easygoing attitude between these gorgeous guys. That’s what makes it special.

It’s all about these boys jacking each other, and getting those creamy loads pumping from their big dicks.

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Pierre Cezanne is the bearded young hunk who needs a new look. His equally gorgeous friend Bruce Querelle is more than willing to shave him.

Of course, with such close contact and their long hooded cocks hanging and thickening up it’s not long before the two friends are distracted by their need to get off.

It’s a simple pleasure between two buddies, boys jacking each other and stroking their erections, sharing their intimate pleasure with a pal.

By the time these boys are done their semen is splashed from their hooded dicks in twin fountains of climactic bliss. By this point, we’re all joining in with them.

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Bruce Querelle and Pierre Cezanne Shaving
Bruce Querelle and Pierre Cezanne
BelAmi Boys Jacking Each Other
Bruce Querelle and Pierre Cezanne Boys Jacking Each Other
Bruce Querelle Cums
Pierre Cezanne Cums
Bruce Querelle and Pierre Cezanne Happy Ending

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