Brian Jovovich gets more than a rub down from gorgeous Jesse Tobey!

MY RATING: 10/10

As you might imagine, it’s been a while since I had a massage from anyone. Even before the living hellscape of 2020, it had been quite some time. However, after seeing this awesome session from BelAmi I think one of the first things I might do once this pandemic is over is book a massage. With a happy ending at least!

Brian Jovovich and Jessy Tobey
You’d all offer Brian a little help too, right?

The first time I got a happy ending massage it was from a friend in college. He was training to be a sports therapist and dietician. I admit that I always thought he was hot but I didn’t think he was even curious about exploring gay sex. Until he asked to practice his on me that is. Sensing an opportunity, I made a well-placed joke about finishing me off. He didn’t hesitate! I have to admit it was one of the best hand jobs I’ve ever had.

Brian Jovovich is the handsome jock getting some much needed hands-on attention from his equally hot jock buddy Jesse Tobey. This new video from BelAmi starts out innocently enough. As things progress, it doesn’t take long before morphing into horny cock pleasure when that dick is out and throbbing.

The sucking is delicious to watch. The rimming is so hot too, but then how could it not be with guys as gorgeous as these two?

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Brian gets his shot at that ass and sinks his bare uncut cock in deep. He fucks his beefy buddy’s butt in several positions until he’s shooting his splooge all over it and getting a big messy splashing of hot cum right in his handsome face!

You know a lot of the BelAmi’s talent start out straight. I think these two did. Nevertheless, there’s no denying they’ve learned to really appreciate some good hard dick and some hot cum too.

Now if you’ll please excuse me. I’m going to start looking for discreet masseurs in my area while you click here to go and watch the full video! 🙂

Jesse Tobey, Brian Jovovich
Brian Jovovich fucks Jesse Tobey bareback
Brian Jovovich BelAmi

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