Brinkman’s Gym Stroke Club – Part 1

I was just a naive student when a friend’s brother told us about the secret stroke club at Brinkman’s Gym. I really thought he was joking with us, he’d had a couple of beers and seemed gossipy, yet cagey at the same time. Whether it was true or not, I knew as soon as he told us the story that I needed to find out for myself.

It had apparently only happened six months before, and although my friend and I were just hearing about it there was something about the story that made it feel like a naughty sexual legend, like the old adult cinema on a back street in the middle of town or the glory hole at the truck stop. Aaron, my good friend’s 25-year-old brother, had joined Brinkman’s Gym after moving in with his girlfriend across town and needing somewhere closer to home. He’d been enjoying it in the short time he’d been going, it was only a small gym but well stocked with some of the best equipment. Having been recommended by a couple of his new colleagues, and being affordable and nearby too, he couldn’t wait to sign up.

A part of me thought I’d run out of there as fast as I could, but another part of me, a very specific part, was more interested in the feel of another hand on my dick and the taboo of holding a cock other than my own. Once again, my 7″ meat throbbed in my pants and I could feel a little precum dribbling out to soak into my shorts.

Apparently everything was fine for a little while, Aaron had met a few guys to workout with, my buddy and me could tell he’d been improving and gaining definition and size (we were all basically jocks, sport and working out was like our religion) and we were both actually considering upgrading from my buddy’s Steve’s home gym in the garage to somewhere like Brinkman’s. We’d both turned 18 that summer and we were finally getting out there and dating as adults, so we were very focused on being buff, presentable and what we still imagined cheerleaders of high school would want in a guy.

Everything changed for Aaron when he was working out a little later than normal. He said he’d been surprised that the place was so busy, but it seemed like a lot of guys from the college in the next town had suddenly shown up, along with a few older guys who all had that stereotypical look of an average football coach. He’d looked around and there were guys on the free weights, dudes spotting each other, all the treadmills were taken, the rowing machines were all busy whirring… he just assumed a team had decided to come and work out there or something, but he said he didn’t think much of it as they gradually started to filter away to the showers.

He pushed himself for another ten minutes or so and then decided he’d had enough, heading to the showers to clean up, and getting the shock of his life when he walked in.

Every guy he’d seen that evening, all the unfamiliar jocks presumably from the college, all the stubbled men in their 40’s with buzz-cuts and thin tan lines from whistle cords across the back of their necks, were jacking off. Not only that, they were jacking each other off. According to Aaron, every cock in the room was stiff and being worked, either by its owner or a friendly hand while they swapped.

As Aaron detailed the shocking story he mimed a little dong stroking on himself, beer in one hand, an imagined (oversized) cock in the other. Another distinctive move depicted was more of a skiing gesture, a guy in the middle of a couple of friends rubbing both at the same time. Steve and I laughed, incredulous, thinking he must surely be exaggerating. But why would he make it all up?

“I couldn’t believe it,” Aaron said, pausing to take a gulp from his beer can “I mean, I ain’t no prude, but I ain’t never seen so many hard dicks in one place”.

I tried to imagine what I would have done in such a situation, but I really had no idea. A part of me thought I’d run out of there as fast as I could, but another part of me, a very specific part, was more interested in the feel of another hand on my dick and the taboo of holding a cock other than my own. Once again, my 7″ meat throbbed in my pants and I could feel a little precum dribbling out to soak into my shorts.

“I just kinda stalled for a few minutes. I really needed a shower but I couldn’t go in there with all that going on. I walked back to my locker, grabbed another towel and went back again” Aaron shook his head “I think a couple of the guys noticed me and wondered if I was gonna join in!” he whispered conspiratorially.

Steve was the one to call his accuracy into question “Yeah, right. More like you caught one dude in there giving himself a little stroke and now it’s become a massive circle jerk in your head, ya perv!” we both laughed, but I laughed harder when Aaron leaned over and punched his brother in the arm “I’m not fucking kidding” he said, emphatically “like, every dude there was rubbing another guy’s cock, there must have been twenty guys all going at it”.

I was willing to buy it. I’d read things, I’d seen tube videos with guys jerking each other in the gym showers or the men’s room, we all knew guys used to cruise for cock out by Macklon’s Lake and a couple of buddies from school found out the hard way that taking a date there to make out at night isn’t a good idea, unless you want a dude shoving his meat through the window.

“Okay, so let’s go along with your weird little fantasy” Steve chuckled, “what did you do?”

Aaron adopted a sudden macho stance, leaning back his chair and jutting out his large chest “I didn’t stick around, I walked straight out of there and went to tell Dan at the front desk what was going on”.

Me and Steve both looked at each other, kind of invested in where this was going. I have to admit, my cock was so hard in my shorts listening to his tale that all I could think about was what it would be like to see it for myself. Maybe it was just curiosity, I don’t know, but the thought of a bunch of guys all freely stroking their cocks like that, it was doing something for me and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand up for a while.

“And then what, you just left?” I asked.

Aaron leaned in again, whispering slightly so his girlfriend downstairs wouldn’t hear “Dan told me it was a regular thing”.

Steve was done, “bullshit!” he exclaimed, standing to go and get another beer from the mini fridge “shit like that don’t go on around here” he muttered, walking the short distance to the mini bar we’d all built last summer “maybe that kind of thing goes on in New York or LA, and I ain’t judging, but no fucking way is that going on at Brinkman’s”

“Well, then I don’t know what to tell ya, because it is” Aaron asserted, sure in himself, and if I wasn’t mistaken adjusting his cock in his pants a little as he leaned back.

Steve handed me another beer and took his seat once again, shaking his head “and no one thought to warn you that this might be going on?” he asked, which I thought was a very valid question. I mean, you’d think something like that going on would need some kind of pass, a membership card or something.

“Dan just said everyone knows about it and anyone who doesn’t is usually into it anyway” Aaron shrugged.

“So guys just discover this going on and they just join in?” Steve inquired, apparently incredulous.

Aaron remained stoic, I remained hard thinking about the prospect of joining such a group. I had no idea what was to come of it, whether I would ever have the opportunity to experience it for myself, but my dripping cock in my pants told me I needed to.

Before that day came, I’d have my first bate opportunity with my best buddy to explore…


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