Brinkman’s Gym Stroke Club – Part 2


I don’t know if it was the story Aaron had shared or just the fact that I hadn’t jacked off for a couple of days, but that night my cock was rigid more than it wasn’t. The afternoon beers had progressed to an evening of gaming with Steve, a little weed passed back and forth and we enjoyed some yelling at strangers across the world while we destroyed them in a pixelated reality. It was basically how our evenings usually progressed when we had nothing better to do.

Only this time, things would be slightly different.

I’d decided to stay at his place, again not much was unusual about that, but the conversation was soon moving back to the story Aaron had shared that afternoon.

“What do you think about¬† what Aaron was talking about?” Steve asked, passing me the boge.

It was a nice looking dick, I doubt any guy seeing it would argue that point. He was thick, pale, with a fat round head that was damp and glistened a little in the light. I suddenly realized that he was probably looking at mine in the same way, surveying the thick vein snaking along the top of my shaft, perhaps contemplating the way my foreskin slid over the tip.

I spoke a thin cloud while it scratched its way up my throat “Well, shit like that goes on, maybe it’s true?” I exhaled, resisting the slight urge to cough, which would have been embarrassing.

“I guess” Steve said, taking the remaining stub from my outstretched hand “Remember that guy who lived down the street, with the old Impala out front?” he asked me, blowing the last of the weed from his lungs and leaning over to kill the unbearably small stump in the ashtray.

I nodded, vaguely recalling the guy. “The mechanic?”

“Yeah, Jimmy, the guy who worked over at Hoffman’s” I wondered where this was headed. “Aaron sent me over there one night to grab some tools he’d left in his garage and I think I caught him and his buddy jacking it.”

I chuckled, Jimmy was a divorced dad of three who moved out when he caught his wife fucking his brother, straight as an arrow and one of the most masculine dudes you could ever meet “Fuck, looks like this delusion is contagious” I laughed, staring up at a rain stain on the ceiling where a storm last summer had briefly intruded.

“No, seriously!” Steve exclaimed. “He opened the door with his belt undone and I looked over at the couch and his buddy was sitting there watching porn on the TV.”

I shook my head, “So now every guy in town is a bate fiend jacking it with all their bros?”

“Hey man” Steve urged, kicking me in the ribs, “I know what I saw dude.”

For a few moments we were quiet, just the music from a finished game quietly playing in the background as the smoke hung in the air a foot or so above us. I was suitably buzzed, but it wasn’t helping my need to jack off. I started to wonder if Steve could feel his own cock throbbing and twitching in his pants the way mine was.

“So” I cleared my throat “how common do you reckon it is?” I was trying to be subtle, but all I could think about was what it would be like to have that kind of friendship, how it might feel to be able to just jack it with a buddy like some seemed to.

Steve sat up on his elbows, his t-shirt stretching across his broad chest and showing the shape of his abs and pecs. I’d always been a bit jealous of how easily he put on muscle. It seemed to take twice as much effort for me to get the same kind of gain. “It’s just bros being bros, so I reckon it’s probably more common than than people think.”

I felt the damp patch in my boxers grow a little more as precum seeped from my uncut cock. Steve looked over to the TV, our characters bouncing and twitching with a menu scrolling between them. I was pretty sure we were done gaming for the night and just as I was about to broach the subject again with the suggestion of a Google search Steve broke the momentary quiet.

“We’ve never done it but I guess it wouldn’t be weird” he said, grabbing the controller and exiting the game, flicking to another tab where a tube site was already loaded. I knew he jacked off a lot. I’d seen that tab on the screen probably a thousand times but never really talked about it other than a few jokes here and there, accusing him of needing some pussy before his balls fall off. He quickly spoke again “I mean, it’s not like we ain’t seen each other’s dicks before.”

He was right, we’d seen each other naked a million times and never thought about it. I remembered seeing him hard once, too, just out of the showers after wrestling practice, his dick leading him through the locker room with his towel hanging loosely in front trying to hide the obvious boner.

I didn’t know what to say, but my cock seemed to know. I adjusted my dick in my jeans and gained the courage to speak “I gotta say watching some pussy getting fucked would be pretty welcome right now” I admitted.

Steve was on it already, scrolling through the newest videos and searching for one over 20 minutes, something I always thought should be a default setting the moment a porn tube is opened. I wanted to make a few recommendations but stayed silent, choosing instead to scroll through my phone, looking at nothing, just wanting to seem relaxed and not at all like I wanted to shoot off a load seeing my buddy cum. The truth was I couldn’t wait to get my dick out and show him, and see his cock in his hand. It had seemingly come from nowhere, this sudden curiosity, but perhaps opportunity was the instigator. Maybe if Aaron had told us that story a year before we would have been jacking off together ever since?

Steve hit play, turned the volume right down and shuffled back to sit beside me, laying back on the beanbags. “So how do we do this, do we just get our dicks out or what?” he chuckled, and I had no idea.

“I guess, I mean we’ve seen ’em so lets jus…” I didn’t finish my sentence before Steve was fighting with his belt and sliding his jeans down. I immediately copied, it was almost a race to see who could get their dick out first.

I bucked my hips and shoved my boxers down just as Steve did, both our cocks bouncing out and slapping against our stomachs in almost perfect unison. His cock was different to how I remembered. I’d only seen him hard once, but now it was solid and in his hand right in front of me I had the chance to truly admire it. It was a nice looking dick, I doubt any guy seeing it would argue that point. He was slender, pale, with a fat round head that was damp and glistened a little in the light.

I suddenly realized that he was probably looking at mine in the same way, surveying the thick vein snaking along the top of my wide shaft, perhaps contemplating the way my foreskin slid over the tip, watching as my precum bathed the glans in a slick sheen. The thought of him admiring my cock the way I was admiring his only made me harder. My heavy balls bunched up and turned over in their loose sack as the thrill of being exposed rushed through me.

I’d never thought of myself as an exhibitionist before, but knowing he was looking at my dick while I looked at his was enough to have an almost steady stream of clear liquid oozing from my puckered piss hole.

“Looks like mine’s longer” Steve said, placing his thumb at the root of his cock and making his hard length stand upward.

“Yeah, but I’m thicker, and uncut, bitch” I replied, doing the same and enjoying the display. He was right, he had me by about an inch. I knew my cock was just over six inches, so his was probably a little more than seven. But mine was definitely thicker, and manlier looking too. While his was pale and smooth, mine was tanned and rugged looking, with extra creases circling under the tip and thicker veins throbbing from root to hood.

He played with his helmet between the fingers of his other hand “I like being cut” he said, dismissively.

I playfully tugged my skin forward and took the end between my free thumb and forefinger, stretching it out over my swollen glans “And I love being uncut” I proclaimed, easing a finger inside it and enjoying the intense sudden pleasure as my slippery digit swirled around between my skin and tip.

“Okay, that’s just weird” Steve laughed, watching the shape of my fingertip rolling along under the thin hood.

As my gaze moved to the TV I realized I hadn’t been watching any of the threesome Steve had chosen. A very busty brunette was in the middle of sucking first one cock and then the other, switching back and forth between the two jocks being serviced while they sat back on the couch, each one watching as she slid her greedy mouth down his buddy’s shaft.

“See, they don’t have a problem getting their dicks out” Steve said, perhaps attempting to justify the fact that we were both clearly enjoying displaying our urgent erections for each other and stroking along. Again I wondered how much his eyes were on my cock instead of the movie, like mine were on his for most of the time.


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