Brinkman’s Gym Stroke Club – Part 3


I always get super horny when I’ve had a smoke, but I guess a lot of guys are the same. While Steve and I were laying back on his floor among the mess of his bedroom my cock was already getting close to the finish. Truth be told, we’d only been jacking off for about five minutes. I’d never had thought the act of openly masturbating with another guy would be such a turn-on. I knew I definitely loved pussy and never considered myself bisexual. Yet, I couldn’t deny that seeing Steve’s long and slender cock being purposefully stroked in his fist was exciting. It was even more intense knowing he was looking at my own thick uncut cock while I masturbated.

As I had several times since hearing his brother’s story of the gym jack off club I thought about that potential scene. I’d never been to that gym, never walked into the open locker room or showers, never even walked past the place. Nevertheless, I’d managed to superimpose the environment of the showers from school over the mental image Aaron had described. I pictured what it would have been like if I’d walked in after a training session. Only to find a bunch of my fellow students all stroking their dicks together.

I knew I’d be taking a look for myself, eventually. I’d never been an adventurous guy. Nonetheless, the temptation to check it out and see if it was true was just too much for me. Sitting there beside my buddy, both of us slowly sliding our cocks in our hands and feeling the pleasure growing bit by bit. I was determined that I would be going to visit the gym before the end of the week.

The first spark of climax arrived so quickly and unexpectedly I had to stop.

“You getting close there buddy?” Steve asked, his own slender pink erection visibly drooling precum over his thumb while he paused and squeezed his length.

“Yeah, this is a fucking good movie!” I said, watching as the brunette slid up and down on one of the men laying on the bed while his buddy fed her his very long cock from above. Honestly, I hadn’t been paying much attention. My eyes had been swaying from my erection to Steve’s for most of the time. Only occasionally checking in with the images playing out on the TV screen. I’d thought he’d been doing the same. Surely, he knew I was close to dumping my load. The manner in which Steve was slowing and squeezing his dripping dick seemed to signal he was ready to cum.

One thing I will never forget is the smell hanging in the air in those last moments before we finished together. Although the room stank of old socks, cum, and the smoke we’d been enjoying there was a sweetness that seemed to come from our exposed dicks while our wetness flowed from our helmets. My foreskin was almost dripping wet with pre and my fingers and thumb were smeared and glistening. His cock had been dribbling the whole time too, his pink fleshy tip glinting in the light above us. Together we’d filled the room with a masculine scent that only seemed to get me even hornier to unload.

I’m very aware now, looking back on that first evening of shared cock play, that I was waiting to see him spurt. It’s a curious thing. I would never have expected to feel that way while jerking it with a buddy. However, I guess we all wait for the cum shot when we’re watching porn too, right? I don’t think it can be denied that men enjoy seeing other men ejaculating. Almost every porn movie ever made seems to end with that very horny sight. Now that I had the front row opportunity to see a live performance I wanted to wait for him finish before I let my own cock spurt.

Ultimately it was beyond my control.

My cock was far too sensitive for me to be able to stop it. Girth and length hard in my hand, swollen balls had pulled up instinctively tight either side of the thick root of my dick. My throbbing helmet bulged so much my slick foreskin felt almost trapped behind the ridge. I had to let go of my dick and allow it to lounge against my short pubes and the thin trail of fur that led up to my navel but that still didn’t stop the first wave of climax from overpowering me.

With almost no warning my orgasm progressed in a split second from short spikes of intense pleasure to a wave of constant bliss. My dick started pulsating as thick semen flooded from the raised lips around my piss hole. The first splash dotted wet spots of goo over my abs. Then a second powerful wave gripped me. A long stream of cum gushed from my helmet to launch up between my pecs, matting down the sparse hairs I allowed to grow there.

I looked to my right just in time to see Steve grip his dick tight around the shaft. A fountain of cream burst upward, splashing down over his hand, his bare thighs and his messier, unkempt bush. The visual display seemed to increase the intensity of my own climax once again, making me spit another forceful jet of milky white to join the first real stream.

I knew he was watching my cock explode just as I was watching his. Chuckles escaped us among the heavy breaths as we watched our dicks pumping. Eyes switching from one to the other in awe of the mess we were making. It feels so innocent now, so silly, but at the time it was incredibly exciting.

My hand was barely working my length but the cum kept splashing. Every small motion of my fingers on my unloading dick forced more cum to escape my body. The intensity of it rushing through my entire body so that my toes wiggled and pointed. My cooling semen dripped down my sides. The sticky mess pooling in my navel, and along the ditches of my tight abs. Breathing became short and hard, my torso trembling with the climax bouncing through me in quick jolts. Our cocks seemed to be working in almost perfect unison. One cum pump followed by the other releasing a spurt of his own. Then back again, like a duet of pleasurable release.

I don’t know how long we were unloading for but it seemed to be minutes. In reality, it couldn’t have been more than ten or fifteen seconds. By the end of it, my spent dick wallowed in the gooey mess coating my tight stomach. It was one of the most explosive cum shots I’d ever released.

I looked over to Steve, avoiding his eyes, just checking in with the mess he’d made. His smooth pink shaft was glistening wet. Steve’s slick fingers playing with the red tip, rivers of wetness flowed over his slightly hairy thighs down to the carpet. His pubes were dotted and splashed with strings and blobs of cream.

Nothing was said for several minutes. We just lay there in silence slowly toying with our spent cocks as our penises softened. The cum cooling and becoming clammy against our skin. I tugged while massaging my foreskin and helmet, enjoying the afterglow of a good stroke while the movie continued to play. I don’t think either of us was paying any attention to it. We were just laying there still a little buzzed from the weed. Cocks satisfied, our friendship was somehow even stronger than it had been.

By the time the brunette on the screen was taking two equally big cum loads in her mouth, Steve and I were heading into the bathroom to clean up. Nudging each other playfully in the hallway, our dicks swinging around freely as the last dabs of wet jizz on our bodies flowed downward.

Before I slipped into sleep on Steve’s pull out that night I made the decision that I would be vising Brinkman’s Gym before the end of the week. By the time I was drifting off to sleep my cock was hard again under the thin sheet contemplating the scenes I imagined I’d find.

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