College Jock Sex At Its Best In Bijou Classics The Idol!

I don’t know why it’s taken so long for me to discover this extraordinary vintage gay porn movie. The Idol is packed with college jock sex and a great story.

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Cast list: Derrick Stanton, Greg Dale, Jerry Foxe, Jim Battaglia, Kevin Redding, Mark Bitler, Nick Rodgers, Peter Borchard

Studio: Bijou Classics

They don’t make movies like this anymore, and it’s frustrating. I love cinema, I love intriguing stories, and I love porn. So, mixing all that together into an excellent movie like The Idol is basically perfection.

You have to go back a few decades to really enjoy movies like this, but thankfully there’s plenty to stream at TLA Gay Unlimited.

I’ve only found out about The Idol, but after seeing this hot college jock sex story, packed with adventure and some genuinely good production and story, it’s already in my top five.

Yeah, it’s that good!

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We’re heading back to 1979 for this incredible movie.

Directed by Tom DeSimone, this movie follows the sexual awakening of gorgeous college athlete Gary (Kevin Redding).

The Idol is told through a flashback format. Automatically making it a little more “art house” than you might expect from man-on-man porn.

Surprisingly, this was Redding’s only appearance. He kind of fell into the role after being recommended by someone to director DeSimone. Needless to say, Kevin did well. In fact, so well that it’s still considered a seminal moment in gay history.

You just don’t see movies like this anymore.

Don’t let my description of this pre-condom era classic being a “real movie” give you the false impression that it isn’t porn. It most definitely is. There’s plenty of college jock sex to enjoy in this coming-of-age tale. We follow Gary as he discovers what makes his dick stiff and while he explores the gay sex world with some other genuinely remarkable men!

It’s an hour and thirty minutes, and it’s well worth watching at TLA Gay Unlimited.

I swear, if a porn studio out there decided to start making worthwhile movies like this one instead of pumping out a thousand crappy 20-minute porn clips every year, they would be winning awards all over the place.

In my opinion, we must get back to this kind of storytelling and production.

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