Curious Boys Get A Red Hot Sex Education In Doing It

Doing It

Two curious boys are discovering the joys of penis pleasure in this awesome vintage adventure from Bijou Classics. Streaming now at TLA Gay Unlimited!

Curious Boys

Cast list: Jeff Stevens, Jim Rogers, Johnny Dawes, Jon Christopher, Michael Christopher, Mike Marshall, Todd Blaine

Studio: Bijou Classics

Do you remember the days when you were just working things out? Me and a friend were curious boys like Jon Christopher and Jeff Stevens, but we didn’t get this kind of education.

This classic movie from director Steve Scott follows young Jon and Jeff while they spy on men and learn everything there is to know about sharing cock.

It’s an hour of pre-condom action, with five scenes of adventure. We follow the two young blond pals while they catch men slurping boners and fucking out their loads together.

Most notably, Jon’s step-brother, Michael Christopher!

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What starts with a sucking in the locker room becomes a full-on adventure for these buddies.

Jon and Jeff are jerking it together in the bathroom when they catch Michael fucking a friend in the next room.

A cruising cock suck in Michael’s truck with Jim Rogers leads the two blond buddies to a nearby glory hole, where they learn even more about slurping dongs and sharing loads!

It’s obvious why this movie is still so popular today. Seeing a couple of horny curious boys learning so much is pretty relatable. I bet plenty of you explored in the same ways.

It’s become one of my favorites, mostly because the way it escalates is so organic and familiar.

Check out some of the pics. Then click here to hit play and watch it.

So many of the classic movies are at TLA, but the Bijou Classics are easily some of the best.

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