We All Want To Teach Curious Muscle Jock Erick Wallace Some Things!

The thing about curious muscle jocks like this guy playing on cam is that we all want to teach them everything. And then teach them again! 😉

We’re all used to seeing cam guys like Erick Wallace describing themselves as bi-curious these days, right?

If you’re as old as I am and remember the early days of live cam streaming when it was like watching a dick through a snow globe in the dark. You know how much things have changed.

Back then, a curious muscle jock like this guy would call himself definitely straight.

These days it seems a lot more guys are a lot more open and diverse when it comes to enjoying their dick and showing off.

And we have a lot of reasons to want to see Erick enjoying his uncut cock!

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If you love gym buff boys and sporty young men (who doesn’t?), you must admit that this guy is worth seeing.

He hasn’t been on cam at TopRatedGayPorn.Live for long, but he’s already gained a lot of fans thanks to his horny attitude and willingness to explore things.

Not all guys like to stick things up their butt. This boy is totally down for that. 😉

The 21-year-old from Medellin – which seems to be the new capital for gay cams guys. This Colombian is an adventurous young man who wants to travel the world.

I have a spare room he could use if he ever wants to come to the UK! lol

Erick’s not just down to rub his uncut 7″ dick and shoot some big loads. He’s down to play with all kinds of gay sex toys and engage in fantasies with his viewers, too.

I especially like the idea of him playing the role of my personal trainer. Maybe that would motivate me and get back in the gym.

Enjoy him, leave a comment, click here to see his live cam, and watch him having a great time.

Lastly, if you enjoy curious muscle jock dudes playing with their dick, Erick Wallace is a must-see.

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