Lucky Bottom Nico Vegas Lures Daddy Jock Wolf Rayet Into An Awesome Bareback Fuck!

I really do love a hot daddy jock. When I saw this gorgeous bearded top in action, I knew you guys would also appreciate him.

We’re back with some of the best bareback action out of Europe, with another scene from Jawked that I know a lot of you are gonna love.

This is our first time enjoying handsome bearded Wolf Rayet.

He’s a daddy jock with a great cock and an extremely healthy appetite.

He’s teamed up with sexy and smooth young Nico Vegas for this bedroom romp, which is rampant!

I don’t use that word lightly. 😉

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Wolf tries to get some work done from home, but his lover Nico demands some attention.

Thankfully it doesn’t take a whole lot to convince the big hunk to give up on his work, he needs to see Nico playing with his swelling uncut cock on the bed, and he’s soon hauling his own hard meat out.

The two have a fabulous time.

There’s so much greedy sucking and stroking. Some hot rimming, too, before that cock slides in deep and raw.

If you can’t tell from the look of him, Wolf is a very passionate and powerful man.

He really gives Nico a great fucking, finishing with some epic cum shots that will definitely have you spooging with them.

There is something so hot about seeing a daddy jock like Wolf sucking the cum from a slippery cock!

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Now I need to go and wonder why I’m working from home and not getting this kind of Morning Meating action. lol

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