Doctor Dante Colle gives Adrian Hart the best specialist treatment!

MY RATING: 10/10

A couple of weeks ago I kicked a planter in the garden and I was sure I broke my toe. You know I wasn’t gonna go to see a doctor, not with the way the world is right now. That would probably change if this gorgeous man was my Doc!

This handsome and hunk hunk is Dante Colle, and we’ve seen him before in some real hot action. He’s joined by equally sexy and buff Adrian Hart. Although it’s the first time we’ve seen him here I know it’s not gonna be the last.

Dante is looking damn fine in his doctors outfit and although I have a fetish for plenty of things from sportsmen to firefighters, doctors have rarely been on my radar. This guy, though, he would so get it!

In this case, it’s Adrian getting it, and by “it” I mean some awesome rimming, juicy cock sucking. Plus, full-on bareback fucking that has the athletic young man upside down!

I struggle just trying to touch my toes so I know I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything like that. However, you can bet I would be trying it if Colle were the man wanting my ass in that position. lol

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The guys have a great time together. I’m pretty sure none of you would want to head to the doctor’s office right now would any of us hesitate if Colle were the man “treating” us?

No, you’d all be lining up behind me – six feet between us all of course lol

Check out some pics of this doctor-themed fuck and imagine that’s you. I don’t know which of these hotties you’d rather be but let me know in the comments!

Make sure you click through for the video. You’re gonna want to see this one. . . again and again! 🙂

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