Elder Anderson Fucks Daddy Ass with Bishop Napoli!


I know I’ve said this before when writing about the Missionary Boys site but I’m gonna say it again… I’m totally non-religious and I really don’t get the cults and societies people form. But, having said that, and after seeing this new video, I could definitely be a part of this weird organization! lol

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Elder Anderson meets Bishop Napoli and gets some hot raw ass!

This is one of those times where I actually don’t know who I would rather be in a video. This is the first time we’ve seen Elder Anderson. However, we saw Bishop Napoli fucking another hot twink boy in a previous video and his hairy bod and determined fucking style got my attention then and I was intrigued, to say the least.

This time it’s both of them. Young Anderson is fucking hot, so cute and with a great body too. It probably helps that he has a hard and pink uncut cock that I would love to spend quite a long time sucking on.

There’s more than just a lot of sucking in this video, though. There’s a whole theme to this, with young Anderson being a new arrival to the “faith” but finding it hard to quell his lust for cock. He thinks he’s facing some kind of judgment from Bishop Napoli, but of course, he’s just a horny man in a position of power who loves to suck hard young dick and show boys like Anderson what gay sex is really all about.

Rest assured he does that, but while he was the one filling tight twink hole last time it’s him impaling his raw daddy ass down on that stiff young prick and riding Elder Anderson until those juicy cum loads are ready to spew!

Yeah, as I said, I might be totally non-religious, but this is one cult I would gladly sign up for. lol

Check out some more pics of this gorgeous boy filling that bareback daddy but, and read our Missionary Boys review if you haven’t already. Click through for the full hardcore action!


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