Finn Harper is the pizza delivery boy getting payment in kind!

MY RATING: 10/10

It’s one of the most famous tropes in porn. However, I’m really not complaining when handsome Finn Harper is the one playing the part of the horny pizza delivery boy getting some raw ass for his turgid cock.

Finn Harper and Gregor Gilead

In case you hadn’t noticed already I have developed a serious porn crush on gorgeous Finn Harper. He’s kept me rubbing my dick ever since he arrived for his first scene at BoyFun. And his performances just keep getting better. He’s so good looking, with a perfect youthful athletic body and the most gorgeous uncut cock that gets so hard! He’s learned a lot since his first taste of dick and that first fuck of a hot raw hole.

Gregor Gilead is a real contrast to him in this video. Geeky and gangly, this twink sports a great dick and a smooth, snug little hole for the boys to fill with bare meat.

He’s the customer for this common theme. The hungry boy ordering pizza and then discovering that – oops! – he doesn’t have his wallet. It’s funny because it seems Finn is already down for whatever. He follows the boy to his bedroom, taking a seat while he supposedly looks for money in his bag. That’s a sure sign Finn Harper is down to play, right? When was the last time (if ever) you even invited the pizza delivery guy through the door? Seriously? Let alone had him follow you to the bedroom? lol

Needless to say, when Gregor discovers he doesn’t have the cash to pay for the delivery he quickly cums (oops, comes) up with a plan means to satisfy Finn. This delivery boy isn’t complaining about tips when those lips are wrapped around his solid cock. Or when he’s returning the favor, sucking on Gregor’s delicious salami.

Things get real ‘deep pan’ when Finn licks out that hole and stuffs his meat inside for some good topping. Fucking his customer from behind, Finn gives him a ride, spooning the boy and finally thrusting into Gregor on his back.

The messy finish is damn good, too. Finn splashes his semen over the boy’s face with Gregor wanking his juicy mess out over himself.

I don’t know about you but I’m hoping they follow this up with some of the other classic themes of porn. Will Finn be a plumber next? The cable guy? Maybe his car will break down outside and he needs to use the phone? There are so many classic settings to choose from. I would honestly watch this boy in any theme as long as it involves his cock! lol

Enjoy some pics and click here for the video. Who knows, maybe the next time you order pizza it will be delivered by a hottie like Finn Harper? 🙂

Gregor Gilead suck Finn Harpers cock
Finn Harper sucking cock
Finn Harper fucking Gregor Gilead BoyFun

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