Foot Fetish Twinks Max Gen And Alpan Stone Get Messy

You don’t see many foot fetish twinks in porn these days, or maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. BoyFun is ready to deliver the kink in this new video and a lot of you are gonna love it.

I guess I should say first of all that while I don’t get the foot fetish thing I do have a bit of an underwear fetish.

You’ll also be glad to hear this video has a lot of that, too!

We have Alpan Stone chilling out on the bed and looking like he’s infatuated with how his big cock looks bulging in his snug briefs.

He’s repping Pride Month quite well with his colorful undies.

That’s a nice bulge. We would all love to play with it too. I’d gladly take my time enjoying that neatly wrapped package.

The arrival of equally sexy Max Gen soon turns this encounter into more of a kink fest than I had originally expected.

Max seems to have a thing for feet. He’s soon paying close attention to Alpan’s white socks and really getting into it.

It’s obvious the director had a plan for this video, which I guess you’d expect from a director lol.

You can see the Pride Month theme and they’ve done it quite subtly.

Max is dressed in similarly impressive underwear and with the kink tone set the boys are getting down to business.

The foot fetish twinks enjoy a whole lot of play, from frotting cocks and swapping head to Alpan bareback fucking his buddy.

Of course it has to end with a cummy foot finish, would you expect anything less from a kinky scene like this one?

Check out some of the pics and click here for the video. It’s a good one whether you’re just into big cocked boys fucking or you’re into foot fetish play, or underwear!

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