For me, David Anthony is the star of Blind Spot from Titan Media!

David Anthony sucking cock
Handsome stud David Anthony loves sucking dick

Before you ask, I haven’t watched Blind Spot from Titan Media yet. This post is more about my future lover David Anthony than the actual movie I’m going to be watching this evening. Yes, I am a fanboy for this handsome hunk of manly goodness. I know I’m not alone, right? This is why I felt the need to write this post about him.

David Anthony gay porn blowjob in Blind Spot from Titan Media
Hunk daddy David Anthony being gobbled in Blind Spot from TitanMen

Usually, I hate the “pornstache” look. Nevertheless, gay porn star David Anthony has had this look for years. Above all, it works for him. I think it worked for him more when I was watching him in After The Heist by Joe Gage back in 2011. I honestly think those movies are how most of his fans discovered him. David does that whole dirty, blue-collar hunk look so damn well we probably wouldn’t recognize him if he shaved it off and cleaned up his image.

So, why do I lust after this man so much? I’m drawn to masculine men like this guy. Actually, he reminds me of someone I knew. When I was in my late teens I was foolishly persuaded into “manning up” and joining a kickboxing club with a friend. The instructor who was teaching us was very much the David Anthony type. In fact, he looked a lot like David does in Blind Spot, from Titan Media which has just arrived at TLA Gay, by the way.

It wasn’t just his ruggedly handsome face or the stubble and stache. It was every bit of him. From his rippling muscles to his low-swinging balls and his long cock. Granted I never saw our kickboxing instructor hard. However, I saw him naked a few times in the locker room. He definitely had a big dick with some impressive swinging nuts. Just like David. So you can probably understand why I would have spent about an hour after every class with that guy furiously jacking off! 🙂

Damn, now I’ve written about my future Titan Media lover David Anthony, I think I might be looking for all those old Joe Gage videos at TLA Gay Unlimited.  There are some amazing scenes with this guy shot a few years ago.

If you’ve never seen that big cock in action and those big balls swinging around you should do me and yourself a favor. Go and watch David Anthony in unlimited action! Let me know in the comments what you think of him as well. That is after you clean up your sticky mess.

Have any fave porn stars you’d love to see from Titan Media, or elsewhere, featured here? Let me know and I’ll go and take a look!

Leo Forte sucking David Anthony in Blind spot from Titan Media
Leo Forte rightly worships his buddy
David Anthony rimming Leo Forte in Blind Spot
David eats some ass
David Anthony fucking Leo Forte at Titan Media
The sight of David’s big balls swinging is awesome
Leo Forte fucked by David Anthony
Who wouldn’t want to be Leo?
jock hunk David Anthony fucking Leo Forte in Blind Spot
I’m close to shooting off just seeing this pic!

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