Free access to TitanMen and Falcon Studios with an awesome Mr. Man Lifetime Membership!

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There's a joke about gobbling to be made here, but it would be too easy

I wondered whether I should technically “rate” a deal like this 10/10 but fuck it, it’s too good not to! I love free stuff, and while I’m not a miserly person by any means. However, all my friends know that I’m the guy who goes for the deals and looks for a special offer. They don’t get much more special than this Mr. Man Lifetime Membership! 🙂

Mr. Man Lifetime Membership
I could make a joke about gobbling, but it would be too easy

Mr. Man is an incredibly popular website, when you see it you’ll understand why. It’s definitely a fave with our readers, but then who wouldn’t want to see some really hot actors and musicians with their dicks and butts out? 🙂

You get more than that, of course. While there are a lot of very famous cocks and butts on the site there’s so much more. It’s a veritable avalanche of European bareback actors getting it all out in some awesome cinema you’ve never heard of. To be honest, I’ve lost count of the number of great movies I discovered just because a hot actor flashed his dick and MrMan told me about it. lol

Despite it already being such a good website to join they’re making it even more awesome with a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP DEAL for just $99. That’s all, a one-off sign up and you’re done, for good, for life. And if that wasn’t already a damn tempting offer they’re now giving you access to TitanMen and Falcon Studios too. Yes, a full month of hardcore gay action that you can’t get anywhere else. Honestly, that’s so much cock with a Mr. man Lifetime membership that I can’t imagine you’re going to find yourselves at a loose end any time soon. Let’s face it we’re all gonna need a distraction from all the relatives we’ll have to deal with this holiday season.

Consider this your reward for having to deal with that drunk auntie and the Trump-supporting cousin. You deserve a little prize for holding your tongue and just scratching their cars while you take the dog out for a conveniently timed walk.

Why are you still here reading this? Click to check out what they’re offering. I guarantee you’re gonna want to get in there and enjoy it all for less. Sign up now for a Mr. Man LIFETIME Membership! 🙂

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