Gay Boys Cruising For Cock – Jamie Kelvin And Ares Reiv Hook Up!

With all the apps these days, it’s actually nice to see a couple of hot gay boys cruising for cock in the real world. 😉

I know they’re acting, but it’s still nice to see traditional cruising being represented so much at BoyFun.

Now, you might have worked out that I’m a 90s guy.

Obviously, back then, guys met either at gay bars or just cruising. Men were looking for cock in gyms, restrooms, bars, and all that kind of thing.

I actually miss those days. There was something exciting and adventurous about it. You never knew what might happen and who you might find at the local haunts.

That’s why I love videos like this one, with two gay boys cruising for dick in the park and getting exactly what they wanted. 😉

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Ares Reiv is playing the part of the sexy tourist. After checking out some statues, he’s pausing on a nearby bench, and Jamie Kelvin is eager to make his acquaintance.

The feeling is very much mutual, and with a little public groping, Ares advises them to return to his hotel room.

I probably don’t need to tell you what these two get up to once there.

Needless to say, their gorgeous twink cocks are soon being sucked, and young Jamie is giving up his hot little hole for his new friend to slide inside. 😉

I’m gonna be honest. Seeing these gay boys cruising and getting off together has me wanting to look for some alfresco fun of my own.

I think I might have to head out later and see if some of my local haunts are still active!

Enjoy the pics, and click here for the video. If you don’t know much about BoyFun, click here for my review.

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