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I’ve seen a lot of compilations this year. We knew it was coming, right? So many studios had to halt production entirely, and that sucks. However, some have managed to create some interesting videos in the process, bringing together some of their hottest guys or horniest moments. This new release from Pride Studios is one for all the gay cum lovers out there.

Big Load Shooters Pride Studios

With a title like Big Load Shooters you already know what you’re gonna get from this video. As a matter of fact, these guys have a whole lot of cock juice to splash from their dicks, in solo and duo scenes. These loads aplenty will have you searching the internet for tips on how to achieve that impressive finish yourself.

There are ways to do it. In my experience, guys who take protein supplements seem to have a lot more splooge to sling. Guys who keep properly hydrated can make a bigger gay cum mess for a buddy, too. When you look at the jocks and muscle dudes in this compilation it seems to line up with that theory.

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You get a lot of hot dudes in this one, with Lance Alexander, Gavin Waters, Alex Waters, Eddie Cambio, Diesel Washington, Boston Miles, Mitch Vaughn and Dylan Hauser all making an appearance. You’re probably gonna be checking out all the other scenes these guys have been in once you see them drenching themselves and each other with their hot milky mess. You’ll be spoiled for choice in that regard, too.

These preview pics are mostly just to show you some of the hotties you’re gonna see in this compilation of gay cum splashing fun. I know they’re gonna have you clicking here to watch every wet and messy minute of the action.

What other compilations do you think sites like this should be putting out there? I’ve seen a few cum shot videos, a couple of big dick compilations, and some themed releases for both locker room and cruising scenes. What are there others you’d expect to see? Finally, please feel free to leave a comment. Even if your typing one-handed! 😉

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