Enrique Vera and Bruce Querelle In Part 1 Of A Hot Gay Flip Fuck!

BelAmi used to do this often, delivering a gay flip fuck in two parts. I’m glad they’ve gotten back to it with these two gorgeous guys!

If you know anything about BelAmi (and you should by now!), you probably know they deliver gay flip fuck videos in two parts.

Or rather, they used to do this a lot.

I think it’s been a while since they delivered a double session like this, but I’m so glad to see them getting back into it.

We have gorgeous young hotties Enrique Vera and Bruce Querelle teaming up for this one, delivered in two awesome parts.

Don’t think you have to wait for the cum shots in part 2. They always deliver full sessions in their double deliveries because their guys can cum a lot. lol

If they could write an ebook or something about how they get their models spooging so much, I think it would become a best seller.

I’d buy it!

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There’s not a big story to this one.

Enrique is the sex addict who we find at his place saying bye to his fuck buddy from the night before while he’s already planning another hook up for later, and when Bruce arrives to satisfy his needs of the moment.

Yeah, apparently, Enrique is a walking boner and can’t stop sharing his cock and ass with as many guys as possible. 😉

If I looked like him, I would probably be the same.

For this first part of the gay flip fuck it’s Bruce doing the topping and delivering a hot fuck for his buddy.

It’s incredible, and although you’ll be spooging with them in the final moments, we’re all quickly looking forward to the swap in their next video where Enrique gets to pound that hole!

Enjoy some pics, and click here to watch them going at it.

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