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Gay masturbate two-person house party turns into a life-changing sexual awakening for bi-curious young man. My friend Ryan was back from a hard days work shortly before our high school year ended. Somewhat impatiently, I waited for him in front of his house. He was near the entrance when my phone rang. It was my parents telling me they would be away for two days on business before our graduation. I was excited. I told Ryan we had an empty house for full two days, and we could do whatever we wanted. Immediately, our collective wheels started turning.

Ryan’s first thought was to organize a party, but I was more interested in a smaller group of friends.  We would get some drinks and have a good time. He finally agreed because organizing a party takes time, money and the house would undoubtedly be a huge fucking mess after all of our barely legal friends were gone. Neither one of us wanted any part of clean up!

Gay Masturbate

Gay Masturbation Porn

So, that day finally came, and my parents were away. My friend and I started to plan an evening to chill out. We decided to buy some beers, some snacks and planned to call our friends from college. However, no one was available because it was a middle of the week. We didn’t know what to do. So we agreed just the two of us would stay inside the house for two days. Our plan was to not go outside at all.

Because of this, we bought more food, more drinks, and quite a bit of alcohol. We also planned on playing a lot of gay sex video games because we like to compete against each other. Win or lose and we agreed we will have some good time no matter what. It was two in the morning, and we were so drunk. We drank several more beers, and we wanted more. But, we were also hungry. I headed to the kitchen to grab some food, but when I was back, Ryan was watching Gay Porn on his smartphone.

Shit, dude, what are you doing? He was about to take out his cock and to start jerking off. I thought we will grab something to eat! I know, beer makes me horny and I just need to watch some gay porn. You don’t have to view it with me. Go to the kitchen and eat while I do my thing. His cock was hard, and I could see it through his pants. He said that he is horny and he knows a gay live chat site with guys who talk dirty and masturbate on cam. This intrigued me and made me horny as well.

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We were chatting with some guys online, and things were getting hot and heavy. One of them was giving a suggestion that we should play some sex games and we agreed. It was a sex quiz, and we needed to answer questions honestly, or we need to do something challenging. The game was similar to some kind of gay sex “Truth or Dare.” The live chat model asked how big are our cocks while fully erect.

I said that mine is probably six inches, I didn’t have a huge cock but I was satisfied, nobody ever said that it’s small. But, my friend told his cock was nine inches, and I was shocked when I saw that. I didn’t know Ryan’s cock was so huge and I was very excited about this. I never felt the excitement of this kind especially when seeing another guy’s cock. The chat model then said that he wanted to see our dicks. Ryan and I were so drunk we actually agreed. We asked him did he ever suck cocks and he said that he does that all the time. He is a real cock slut. The cam model likes to suck stranger’s cock and to drink cum.

We both laugh but we were interested to see how good he really was at sucking cocks. He said, “Maybe some other time as this was a live gay chat solo show.” I almost forgot about my hunger because I was horny too. It was his turn to ask us a question, and he asked if we ever masturbated at the same time. We looked at each other, and we burst out laughing. I said: Of course not, we are just friends. Besides, I’m not sure I’m gay.

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Gay Masturbate

I would consider my bisexual curious given the opportunity. If I ever want to suck someone else’s cock, I’m not sure I want to do it with my best friend. I blushed, and they all picked up on it. Ryan asked me what’s going on and why my face is red. I said I had too many beers and I needed to chill out a bit. He looked down at my pants and my cock was hard. There was no denying that fact. He continued to chat with this hot guy online.

Quickly, Ryan said we gotta go now because we had some things to discuss. I wondered what it is because he didn’t tell me anything about that discussion. So, he turned off his smartphone and came over to me. Ryan then said he wants to see my cock. I told him, “No way man, I won’t show you my cock. I am drunk, and you’ll regret this in the morning.” “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he said.

Ryan then took off his pants. His huge cock was right on front of me, fully engorged in its full glory. My eyes popped, I never saw a cock so huge. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but I slowly took out my cock. You have a nice cock, Ryan said, and he touched me down there. He slowly massaged my cock and asked; “Can I jerk off your cock for a while?” It felt good so I said yes, sure, but only for a while. While he wanked me off, I grabbed his cock too, and I returned the favor. I made a circle with my fingers, mimicking a tight ass. I had officially touched my first cock besides mine!

Gay Masturbate Blowjob

Gay Masturbation Porn Blowjob

Ryan approved of my flesh stroking technique. I could tell by the look on his face. We both slowly jerked off each other’s cock, and after a while, we did some gay masturbate foreplay before giving each other a blowjob. It was amazing and the best feeling in the world. I don’t know why, but it felt better than any type of straight sex with a girl. After giving and receiving oral bliss, must say that I am no longer leaning toward being bi-curious. I can still feel the way Ryan massaged my balls in circular motions, then slid a finger inside my ass.

Like a real gay pornstar, Ryan swallowed every drop of my cum. Still shaking from my first gay masturbate turned blowjob experience, I returned the cock sucking favor best I could. Ryan approved of my efforts before pulling out and spraying my face with his hot jizz. It was my first facial, but won’t be the last! All this activity happened the first day Ryan and I had the house to ourselves. We spent the rest of our time alone chatting with other hot live cam models and experimenting together with gay sex. Ryan changed my life forever and I must proudly say I can suck cock with the best of them now!

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