Gay Mechanic Sex Is Damn Hot To Watch!

Blue collar dudes are so damn fine, and this gay mechanic sex session from Raging Stallion has me wanting to pay a visit!

Put a handsome and burly dude in some coveralls and you have my attention. I’ll just say that off the bat.

I admit I’ve always had a kink for blue collar men and when I see a video like this one I’m ready to partake 🙂

If you saw the post last week in the same series you know what to expect.

This scene might even be hotter than that one!

For this update we have big and burly men Drew Valentino and Kit Corrigan using their tools to get some grease pumping, and we’re here to get dirty with them.

One of my criticisms of themed scenes like this is that they usually abandon the costumes too early.

Thankfully, in this case, they’re looking the part for a little longer than usual.

That really adds something to it for me.

It’s like soccer boy scenes when they instantly strip out of their uniform within the first 3 minutes. Why bother with the theme if you’re just gonna drop it in seconds? lol

These guys don’t do that. We get a good session of cock sucking and hole rimming while bottom Kit gets his blue collar buddy all worked up for his bareback furry hole.

Once Drew is appropriately desperate to stuff his naked length inside he’s going at it in every position.

It’s a totally manly, butch, hardcore fucking for these two, leading to some big eruptions of cum by the final moments.

Check out some of the pics and click here to see the full gay mechanic sex session. It’s gonna have you wanting to go get some dick in the garage.

You’ve enjoyed the pics, now click here to watch the full gay mechanic sex scene at Raging Stallion!

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