Gay Men Sex First Time Experience!

sex with gay men first sex with gay man

Gay Men Sex was something that always intrigued me. I just couldn’t get the thought of sex with gay men out of either head, if you know what I mean! What follows is my recollection of my sex with gay man first-time experience. It was cold outside and I was getting bored. All my friends were busy and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had so many things to finish, but I was lazy and tired that day. Feeling tired and irritable, I decided to relax myself a bit. Within seconds, my computer was turned on and I was searching the web for some gay porn. I was horny and just wanted to check for something new and exciting. Ready to take the plunge into the unknown that I wanted so badly to know!

Gay Men Sex

Gay Men Sex

I considered myself heterosexual. I have always been a heterosexual. But, when I watched porn, and when I was very horny, I always seemed to gravitate toward big cocks and not big tits! It felt naughty and taboo. If I’m being totally honest with myself, I just wanted to look at some really big cocks. Actually, I began to prefer watching male solo masturbation scenes with amateur guys. Then I started watching gay porn more often. As I turned to gay men sex porn, I felt that something is different and the urge to do something more exciting. Something new and naughty!

As I surfed for gay men sex, an ad for very popular live chat dating network popped up right in front of me. The temptation was now too great and I decided to click. My heart started to race when I saw many hot guys fit with toned muscles in my area. Some of them were quite demanding seeing some “new cock” on the site. I wanted to chat and told myself, why not? Why can’t a good looking heterosexual guy live chat with some hot gay guys? I knew deep inside that I wanted to meet some of them sooner than later. However, I decided not to tell anyone, not even myself. Baby steps for now.

After navigating through some profiles, one particular guy looked very familiar. I clicked on his profile to read more about him. Believe it or not, he was a fellow student at my college. We even had one class together, but I never really suspected that he preferred guys over girls. He was online and he lived near me. I decided to contact him and chat with him a bit. He responded right away. I could tell he was in a horny mood and started flirting with me from the beginning.

One Thing Leads to Another!

sex with gay men first sex with gay man

Usually, I didn’t know how to act when guys were interested in me. I’m not one to brag but, I take care of myself and am not bad on the eyes for sure. But, this night was different and this guy was something special, I felt something I never felt before. His eyes were so emotional. He had dark hair and nice muscled body. Somehow, I felt a sexual attraction now that we weren’t in class and on the same page sexually.

I was confused and I didn’t want to admit that I wanted him to be first. I wanted to know more about him and his life. After some gay men sex chat, he told me that he is single. In fact, he just ended a long-term relationship recently. He was more interested in flirting and one-night stands only. He wanted to play the field and this was the main reason he signed up for this live chat dating site.

After half an hour, I told him that I had a girlfriend but was curious about meeting some guys who like guys. I confided that something in my love life and sex life needed a change. When I had sex with a girl, I didn’t feel any pleasure at all, I did it all without any emotion. It was all about the cum. I questioned my sexual orientation a lot in the last several months. Then, he asked me something that turned my face red with excitement. He wanted to hook up. He asked me can we meet tonight so can try something together? I thought to myself, now is the perfect opportunity to find out if like girls or guys.

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After some quick thinking, something inside me turned me into a different more confident person. I said yes! He lived near me and told me he can come to my place in forty-five minutes or so. He needed to take a shower and would be on his way. My head was spinning and I felt so horny up to that point. I text him immediately, don’t take a shower without me. What better way to decide if I prefer guys over girls? He replied and said that he will be at my place in just fifteen minutes.

This gave me some time to freshen myself a bit. I did not know what to expect so I just brushed my teeth and waited. It was the longest fifteen minutes of my life. My heart was pounding and minutes seemed like hours. I glanced through the window from time to time. I wondered if he was just messing with me. Would I be tomorrow’s joke at college? But, after around twenty minutes, my doorbell rang. My heart and cock raced with anticipated sexual pleasure release.

We agreed that there was no need for small talk. This was about gay men sex action! It was Saturday night and it was dark already. This setting was perfect for me because my next door neighbors were out of town and all the nosey ones a few houses down were long ago asleep. I decided to fulfill my fantasy and I whispered to him that I wanted a blowjob from him. He said that he would be glad to do it and dropped to his knees at my doorstep.

Gay Men Sex Climax

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He kneeled with his face level with my throbbing cock. My heart started to race again. My dick was already rock hard. I was afraid that in all the excitement, I would ejaculate prematurely. He calmed me almost immediately saying he would take his time with my cock. As my pants hit the ground, his mouth found my manhood slowly and tenderly. This confident approach relaxed me a bit.

He started to kiss my cock gently. I felt something, a pleasure never experienced before. After he kissed my head for several seconds, he drew my hard dick in his mouth. He moved his head back and forth, giving me pleasure no girl ever gave me ever before. He then complimented me saying, “Your cock is so sweet!” This turned me on even more. At the same time, he massaged my ass and I touched my body, pinching my nipples. That feeling was unforgettable.

After a couple of minutes, my body was consumed by an amazing feeling of joy and happiness. I could sense that my first gay men sex orgasm was near. He soon felt that too as my cock filled his mouth with a sweet and salty load of sperm. I came like never before, courtesy of another man. He swallowed every drop of cum and then stood up to kiss me, my cum still on his breath. He confidently whispered, “If you liked this, feel free to give me a call anytime. I would be more than happy to do this again and again. Next time, we will take it inside and I will creampie your virgin ass.” And that was my first-time sex with gay men experience!

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