Classic Gay Military Sex In Queer Eye For The GI!

Is anything from the year 2004 old enough to be considered a classic? I don’t know. So much is considered vintage now, even though it feels like it was only a few years ago. Either way, this gay military sex movie streaming at TLA Gay Unlimited will have a lot of you jerking it!

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Cast list: Aaron Reeves, Brian Handcock, Diego Correa, Jason Crew, Kendall Klark, Kenny, Lance Landers, Sandy Sloane

Studio: Dirk Yates

Directors have their specialties.

When you hear the name Dirk Yates you know what to expect.

He’s focused on military men for as long as I can remember. Dirk does it damn well.

This gay military sex party is packed with hard straight cock being jerked and given a two-lip salute. Then dick torpedos stuffed balls deep into butts before blasting semen. It’s all damn hot to watch.

Unlike some gay porn from the late 90s and early 00s, Dirk Yates recruited (pun intended) straight guys to pay. There’s no faking in Queer Eye for the GI. You can argue whether the guys are enjoying it too much to be too straight, but there’s no denying he stayed true to his themes.

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This classic hardcore release from 2004 is an excellent example of the genre. In addition, it exhibits the kind of quintessential content Dirk Yates produced.

It’s an hour of great sex in the military theme, with plenty of awesome young jock dudes and military daddies getting their dongs out and helping each other with their needs.

Although there’s some acting going on here, it’s all very amateur, and that kind of makes it more convincing for me.

You can tell these guys wanted to become actors or just good porn stars, so they put in the effort.

The highlight, of course, is all the hot gay military sex they share.

There’s a lot of sucking and a lot of great fucking. All leading to some incredible cum loads being splashed.

Not only that, you get two threesomes!

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