Gay Power Play Sex In Perverted Bosses!

Some guys will do anything to get ahead in their careers. And we love seeing some good gay power play sex between bosses and employees. Especially when the guys are this greedy for dick!

Gay Power Play in Perverted Bosses
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Cast list: Adam Wirthmore, Brice Farmer, Dan Broughton, Dawson Jenkins, Gabriel Fisk, Harley Everett, Leo Domenico, Riley Tess, Shay Cruz, Valentino Delta

Studio: Macho Mayhem

I’ve never had a boss that I wanted to get it on with. Nevertheless, I love the idea of gay power play sex in that kind of scenario.

The closest I came to that was when I worked in a uniformed position with an insanely hot guy under me. Not literally under me but you get the idea.

He was so handsome, so well built, and his uniform left nothing to the imagination.

He obviously wore loose boxers, because his big dick would swing in his uniform and he didn’t care.

I never used my position nefariously, unlike these men. Maybe I’m too decent, or moral.

Nah, that can’t be it. lol

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This 2-hour British gay porn production delivers five scenes of bosses taking advantage. Each uses their positions to enjoy some of the hottest gay power play with their employees.

Thankfully their employees are just as greedy for cock and aren’t going to be heading to HR to report these kinky antics.

They’re soon slurping uncut boners and rimming out boss holes, fucking and being fucked in some truly intense scenes that had me wanting to abandon working from home to seek an employer of like mind lol

All of the gay power play scenes in this movie are hot. However, the threesome is one of the best with a couple of truly gorgeous guys succumbing to the power of the penis.

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Now if you don’t mind I’m going to go and investigate reentering the workforce. I wonder if I could get a job on a construction crew?

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