Scoutmaster McKeon Catches Gay Scout Boys Logan And Colton In The Act!

You all knew I’d be sharing more gay scout boys here after the first video from ScoutBoys last month, right?

Last time we enjoyed the show as handsome and horny Scoutmaster McKeon welcomed young Landon to the ranks of the elite Troop Time team by pumping his tight little hole full of bareback daddy dick!

This time we get an incredible threesome with two seriously hot young guys. I have to admit it’s even more impressive than that first taste of their erotica scouting young men hardcore style.

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Now, on to this video!

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Logan and Colton have been hoping to hook up and fuck for the first time on this trip. While the rest of the scouts gather around the fire, they sneak off to return to their tent.

The boys are soon making out and getting real friendly, looking forward to pounding some ass and blowing those loads.

That’s when handsome Scoutmaster McKeon makes his entrance!

Caught in the act, the gay scout boys don’t know what to do, but McKeon soon knows a thing or two about how to enjoy some hard and dripping dong. 😉

I genuinely can’t decide who I would rather be in this scenario. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind filling McKeon’s shoes while he eats ass and drives his big daddy dick into their tight twink holes.

Needless to say, their first time goes well, thanks to the instruction of Scoutmaster McKeon.

Do they get a patch or something?

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