Gay Strip Club Sex with Skyy Knox and Ethan Chase!

I have to confess that it’s been a while since I went to any strip club. I think it’s one of those things straight guys do far more than gay guys, we tend to let the cock come to us when it comes to strippers, I guess. I also have to confess that if I lived anywhere near where this shoot from Falcon Studios took place I would probably be there every fucking week! lol

Muscle and uncut cock at the strip club


Skyy Knox is visiting Montreal (damn, I might need to book a flight just to visit this club) when he stops by the Stock Bar to check out what’s going on. Ethan Chase is on stage swinging his big dick around, and I think we all agree that such a sight is instantly boner-inducing.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest that you should stick around after closing in the hopes of getting some just because a stripper shows an interest, that’s what they’re supposed to do of course, it’s how they make their money – prick teasing – but it seems to work out for Skyy when he gets a private show from the jock dude and the two get themselves into an awesome mutual cock sucking session.

You guys know I love some uncut cock, so seeing these two going at those pricks and slobbering all over those hooded shafts really got me going, no surprise there.

With dicks raging and precum leaking Ethan slides his big dick into his new friend, fucking him deep and with skill, but he’s not the only one getting some ass in this stripper transaction. Yep, it’s a flip fuck, and soon Skyy is ramming his own impressive dickmeat into his new pal and returning the horny favor until both are ready to splash out their creamy rewards!

This is a pretty good video, and although I haven’t been keeping up to date on their videos over the last year I think this has encouraged me to put them back on my list of sites to check in with regularly. Click here to go and watch the video and see what you think of this flip fuck.

Now, excuse me while I go and Google for the nearest gay strip club to me. Wish me luck! 🙂

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