Gay Sugar Daddy

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Finding a Gay Sugar Daddy was always on young Mark’s mind. It was tough making ends meet. Mark had a degree in business, but his taste exceeded his meager income, which led to money trouble. As a result, he headed downstairs from his day job to work as a counter clerk at a cosmetics counter in one of the few remaining department stores in the city. Little did he know that his fortune and sex life were about to change.

Finding Your Sugar Daddy

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It was a waste of time and money for him to have a second job since he spent every penny he made. But he adored the atmosphere with its crystal chandeliers, mirrors, and many pretty things. Mark loved the fancy perfume bottles. He especially liked that the suit and tie he wore for his day job also worked for his career. Mark always looked his best.

He liked being somewhere in the middle of handsome and pretty. Mark had a rocking body that he honed at the gym. He was blessed with an incredible proportion and enormous size. Mark was horse-hung, and he took pleasure in the way men enjoyed him. He was careful, but he had his fun, and if the moment seemed right, he went with it.

One evening he encountered a handsome older man who needed to buy his wife a present. Mark was more interested in the affluent man than he was in the actual sale. The guy was probably old enough to be his father but was good-looking and super fit. Well, put together, which was always a plus for Mark.

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It was hard to say whether he was a gay sugar daddy or not. Being that they were in the heart of the financial district. Mark’s instincts were that the guy had the dough. Mark was very visual and loved a man who attended to his appearance as he did himself. Especially those who could afford to shop.

Their eyes met, and Mark knew. This was a man married to a woman who was still attracted to men. At least, he was drawn to one man – him. The man fingered the purse he was pretending to consider suggestively. He looked at Mark with come-fuck-me eyes.

“Do you like this?” he asked Mark in a seductive tone.

His fingers lingered on the expensive leather, slipping into a ring on the strap. He slowly finger-fucked the ring while gazing into Mark’s eyes with a dark, smoky gaze.

“Yes,” replied Mark breathlessly.

Sugar Daddy Seduction

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When he was excited, his lisp grew stronger. He felt all warm and melty inside. His belly stirred. He would not let himself get hard on the middle of the floor. He would have to stand indefinitely behind a purse rack until it passed.

But Mark had a proposition to make the man. He knew of a place in the warehouse where the cameras didn’t hit. Mark wasn’t sure if it was a smart thing to suggest until the man held out his hand and pressed it to Mark’s. The man was cupping a hundred dollars. He was offering Mark an extraordinary commission.

“I have some merchandise I think you will be interested in,” said Mark. “If you would like to see the selection.”

“Certainly,” said the gentleman.

Mark led the guy into the freight elevator. He could stop it and fuck the guy right there, but he didn’t. But at this point, he let himself get hard. He brushed up against the man secretly so that if he were caught on camera, they couldn’t tell, but the guy would not have any questions.

Gay Daddy Blowjob

Gay Sugar Daddy

The freight elevator landed in the basement, and Mark and the man, whose name he never learned, got off. This was the part of the store no employee ever went to. It was stocked with discarded stuff that a person could hide and never be found. Mark knew it like the back of his hand.

Mark guided the man to one of the darkest spots, which happened to be by a restroom. It was cleaned regularly, but no one ever used it. He stood straight, knowing the man wanted to suck his luscious dick. He was so fucking hard at the moment. Mark closed his eyes as the man pulled his pants down and waited until he felt the heat of the man’s wet cock on his dick.

Mark sucked in his breath, trying not to cry out just because it would be careless to moan at the top of his lungs as he wanted. The guy knew what he was doing. Mark wasn’t just getting a blowjob. He was getting a treat. The man sucked him feverishly like he didn’t know when he was going to get his next meal.

Mark’s dick was slick with spit as the man tongued him with wanton, nasty strokes. It was so hot and delicious on his cock, Mark had to will himself not to ejaculate. The man sucked his balls.

Gay Anal Sex

Gay Sex Mutual Masturbation

“I’m going to nut,” growled Mark.

The man stood up, leaving Mark hanging, literally. The interruption put the brakes on his climax. The man spits in his palm, parted his firm, elegant cheeks, and lubed up Mark’s asshole. He slipped on a condom as it was safe sex for now. Mark would have helped, but he was half out of his mind with need. The gay sugar daddy turned him around to face a cinderblock wall and slipped his cock inside of him.

That was all she wrote. Mark shot his hot load all over the junk in the basement. There was something so intensely perfect about cumming while he had an ass full of cock. He showed Mark no quarter as he slipped his dick balls deep into Mark’s tightness before he shot his load.

Mark dug anal sex. He loved receiving more than he liked giving. He relished the tightness that he experienced – the blissful, slight discomfort that made the moment all the more perfect. As he came, his body spasmed on the man’s amazing rock-hard cock. It was the best orgasm in the world to cum this way.

Frotting Fun Finale

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The stranger hammered into Mark’s dark orifice as he was about to explode. Mark felt the heat and the liquid as the man stiffened and semi-paralyzed from his climax. He let the man enjoy the constriction of his asshole for a bit before withdrawing to enjoy a short Frotting session. The skin-on-skin contact was perfect ending before they each dashed to the bathroom. There were two unisex bathrooms, and they each retreated to one to wash up.

The nice thing about the older bathroom is that it had warm, running water. It wasn’t one of those sensor models that he would have to wave underneath to get the water to flow. He loved the feel of warm water over the head of his cock after he came. It was the perfect finish to an unexpected gay porn-worthy moment.

Mark and the man found each other in the dark. He led the man back up to the floor where they had met. Surprisingly, the man chose the purse he had flirted with Mark over and tossed it onto the counter.

“Do you really need to buy this?” Marked asked.

“Yes,” he said with a nod.

The purse was quite pricey on top of the money the Gay Sugar Daddy had secretly given Mark. He earned a pretty good legitimate commission at the same time. This shopping spree marked a change in his life forever!

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