Gay Surfers Get Their Freak On In Classic Movie Surf’s Up!

You know I love my American stereotypes. Gay surfers are included in that enjoyment. Take a look at Surf’s Up now available on gay ROKU at TLA Gay Unlimited!

Gay Surfers In Surf's Up
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Cast list: Jim North, Shane Erickson, Steve Moore, Kurt Bateman, Lee Anderson, Tony Harris,

Studio: Bijou Classics

Let’s be completely honest. For a lot of us, the whole obsession with hot surfers started with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in Point Break.

At least it did for me.

Then again, for some of you, it might have started earlier.

It seems there are plenty of classic porn movies about gay surfers that I didn’t even know existed before I found this one!

This 1987 movie was directed by Michael West and it kicks off with an *extremely long* intro sequence.

It really should have been cut down to a minute, at most.

Seriously, I could have gone and made a sandwich and not missed anything.

When the fun does eventually start it’s with a couple of friends checking out a surfer magazine.

That might not seem particularly hot but apparently, it gets the boys boned up and ready to fuck!

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I’m not going to give you a rundown of all five scenes in this movie but just know that it focuses on the friendships between gay surfers.

Or maybe they’re just horny guys who like to share their dicks with each other?

I think surfers have a bit of a reputation for being easygoing with their dicks, right? lol

All of the performers are hot in their own way. Some of them are real sexy twunk guys while others are twinky boys with big cocks.

It’s all bareback, pre-condom, which is odd considering the year it was released.

My history is a little off but wasn’t things pretty bad by then?

There’s a good mix of scenes and settings and we’re given a few little intermissions of hot guys riding their boards. That definitely helps to keep the theme of the movie at the forefront when it could otherwise just become any other gay porn movie.

Check out some stills from the action and click here to watch the full hour and twenty-five-minute movie, although you can cut out the first five minutes and not miss anything. lol

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