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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen these two together. However, this time it’s a little more reciprocal and a little less dark. I know you guys loved the last session with these Missionary Boys. Nows, there’s a new special discount membership for you to take advantage that’s gonna have you in there and fapping off to this show in no time!

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Elder Solano gets another shot at President Manwaring

Our friends from Missionary Boys have a St. Paddy’s day special on right now. Seeing as most public events are being canceled (rightly so!) you’re gonna be saving a lot of money by not going out. Make the most of it and celebrate with a membership to this site instead, at a nice discount to boot. Watch sexy bottom Elder Solano getting the rigid cock of President Manwaring again in an awesome session of sucking and fucking.

Last time it was about Manwaring “punishing” the boy with his big dick. This time it’s far more easygoing. Even though I kinda mocked Manwaring’s ’70s porn look I can’t help but admire that fit body and his incredible dick. Come on guys, you wouldn’t turn down a taste of that thing, would you?

Young Solano won’t. He’s soon gobbling that hard prick and Manwaring is eager to return the favor. That is right before plunging his naked tool between those ass cheeks and giving Solano a proper fucking.

It really is a great fuck, with amazing camera work too. Solano is obviously having an awesome time. From there, it doesn’t take long before both cocks are splashing out some big erupting loads. Totally spent, as are we!

Check out some of the pics, but click through to get that ridiculous discount. It won’t be around for long.  🙂

If you still don’t know what you’re getting there check out our MissionaryBoys site review, which should give you the basics at least. Remember, MissionaryBoy discounts don’t come along often.

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