I’m Gonna Need a Lot More of Gorgeous Adam Mucha!

Getting down to business

Am I the only one who sometimes sees guys in gay porn who look exactly like dudes I know? That happened to me today when I logged into William Higgins and saw Adam Mucha for the first time.

You wouldn’t kick him out of your bed, right?

He looks so much like a guy behind the bar at the pub near me that I sent a buddy of mine a photo of Adam. Just to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. It’s confirmed, they could almost be twin brothers.

Just like the guy from the pub, 31yo Adam is straight. However, he admits he’s been in a threesome with a guy and a girl. We would all like to know more about that, but for right now we’re too busy watching him showing off that fit and slightly hairy body and stroking the cum from his extremely stiff cock!

He’s definitely a little bit innocent when it comes to performing solo. It’s like he’s watched a couple of solo guys before and just copied their movements. You can’t help but think that’s kind of sweet. We all know he doesn’t writhe around on the bed when he’s jerking it for real at home, but he seems to think that’s what we want and it’s adorable.

Adam might not be used to showing off his hairy hole either. Nevertheless, he manages to get through that and makes us all wonder if we’re gonna get to see a cock sliding in there any time soon.

As if his handsome face, hairy hole, and fit body weren’t enough for us already, Adam really pumps a big messy cum load out when he’s taking himself over the edge. Watch him slinging that jizz around!

I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be seeing more of this handsome man after this. Adam seems kind of innocent and easily persuaded, in a good way. 🙂

Enjoy some Adam Mucha masturbation preview pics. Then make sure you click through and watch his solo video. I’m gonna need some allies to help me riot if we don’t get more of him soon!

Cheeky pose
A seriously tempting sight
I want to run my hands through that scruff
Getting down to business
I could swallow that
Do you wonder how tight that hole is?
Approaching a proud finish

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