Who is this Gorgeous Boy Getting Fucked in Bare Love at TLA Unlimited?

Click to watch Bare Love at TLA Gay Unlimited
Pashka is a gorgeous boy and I must know more about him!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies! I hope you’ve been having a great week so far. I managed to injure my shoulder this morning while I was working out at the gym, so my day has been a bit dodgy. I’m taking the afternoon off and I’ve been consoling myself and trying to enjoy nice wank while watching Bare Love at TLA Unlimited, it hasn’t been easy.

Click to watch Bare Love at TLA Gay Unlimited
Pashka is a gorgeous boy and I must know more about him!

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Full cast list: Pashka

Studio: SuperTwinks

I need a little help with this one.

I really need to know who the gorgeous young man is in this feature. They list his name as Pashka but that’s all I know. I think I’ve seen him before, but there’s no surname for the guy and I really, really want to see more of him. I know how educated you guys are when it comes to porn so I have no doubt some of you will know more about him. Leave a comment and let me know too so I can go and watch more of the guy!

He’s ridiculously gorgeous, and so insanely fit too. I’m almost reluctant to call him a twink because even though that’s the theme for this he’s more of a twunk or a jock in the making. He’s so defined and toned, and he’s got a great uncut cock too. Every inch of this boy is so damn hot I just want to spend a while licking him all over! 🙂

But I wont.

Only because I can’t.

He starting things out with some excellent boner stroking in scene one, which is hot in itself and almost had me busting a load out, but stick around to see him getting a good fucking from a mystery older man, bareback of course. I don’t know how experienced he is but I’m guessing he might be pretty new to the porn business. If that’s the case he’s got a great career ahead of him if he wants it.

Damn, if I looked like this boy I would be making a good living on camera! 🙂

Check out some stills and click through to watch the video, and don’t forget to check out the TLA Unlimited Review if you haven’t already.

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