Greedy Dudes Get Their Fill In The Cum Dump At TLA Gay Unlimited!

Are you ready for an insanely hot and gorgeously shot collection of greedy scenes with rampant hunks? You’re gonna love The Cum Dump now streaming on adult ROKU over at TLA Gay Unlimited.

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Cast list: Ace Quinn, Alex Mecum, Jeremy London, Markus Kage, Pierce Paris, Steve Rickz, Thyle Knoxx

Studio: Masqulin

We all like to see all kinds of hardcore things in our porn. Some guys are all about the muscle, other guys love twinks, some are about the anal while others love some great cock sucking.

I think we all agree, however, that big and messy cum loads are a consistent desire for almost every guy jerking it to something hot.

Well, The Cum Dump is ready to deliver that, and a lot more.

This isn’t the first time we’ve enjoyed some of the classy action from the Masqulin studio.

We’ve seen some great movies from them in the past. I have no doubt you’ll be adding this one to your list.

It’s only three scenes, but it’s packed with big bareback cocks being worshiped by greedy mouths and being stuffed into snug holes, with Jeremy London being the star.

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With a title like The Cum Dump you can imagine there’s a lot of spooge being slung around.

The story is a simple one. Poor Jeremy London was dumped for being “too boring” in bed. In an act of revenge, he sets out to become the greediest slut in town!

Soon he’s taking on every cock that comes his way and being pumped full of man cream in every encounter!

The Cum Dump is excellently filmed and edited, but you’d expect that if you’ve ever seen anything from this studio before.

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