Hairy Dude Adam Mucha is back for a Cum-Milking Massage!

It doesn't take long for the cum to start splashing

When we saw the first solo with sexy straight guy Adam Mucha last month I was pretty sure we would be seeing him again for a massage, but I didn’t expect it to be this hot, or this messy! I guess you can tell from the massive cum load he pumps out that he had a great time at the hands of another man.

click to watch Adam Mucha being massaged and wanked
Handsome straight guy Adam Mucha is in for a treat


There are numerous jobs I would love to have. They used to be things involving the creative pursuits or caring for wild animals, but these days I find myself wishing I could be doing the kind of job the jock lad in this video is delivering for straight guy Adam Mucha. You have to admit, giving this guy a thorough cock stroking and ass fingering has to be a lot more fun than cleaning up elephant dung. lol

As we know from his first video, Adam Mucha had a threesome with a girl and a guy before, but there were no details about what that meant. As he’s straight I’m assuming there was no guy-on-guy action, but after this incredible massage I’m thinking he might be experiencing that soon enough.

Once those hands start exploring his virginal ass and playing with his cock and balls he’s up on his knees and getting his meaty uncut boner stroked while fingers play in his hole, and it’s clear that he’s quickly on edge and ready to start gushing. It doesn’t take long, but what a mess he makes! His cock explodes hot and thick cum, pumping out spurt after spurt of gooey juice, dumping his big wad all over his leg and the sheet underneath.

This is a little secret I learned when I started giving “straight/curious” guys a little cock attention – edge them and make them cum like they’ve never cum before and you can bet they’ll be back for more. I don’t think we’re gonna have to wait very long to see handsome Adam Mucha being sucked, fucking some hot hole and maybe getting his first feel and taste of another dick too.

Click to see his video and make sure you stick around for more of this guy, I bet there’s gonna be plenty to enjoy! 🙂

His cock is soon being played with
Hard and wet in no time at all
It doesn’t take long for the cum to start splashing
After a load like that Adam has to want more
Chilling out after a good draining

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