Handsome jock Jake Karhoff empties his low-hangers!

At the risk of making you wince painfully with this question… where do you stand on low-hangers? Yeah, sorry for that image now in your head, I couldn’t resist. It seems to be a thing for some guys. And something I didn’t really discover until I met a guy at the gym with big swinging balls halfway down his thigh. I’ll tell you about that dude, but you have to promise that you will click through and check out handsome Jake Karhoff emptying his swinging nads! 🙂

Heavy plums to play with!

So, I’ve always had pretty low-swinging nads, and I never really thought of it as a “feature” of my junk. A friend complimented me on them once, but other than that I never met anyone who was real *into it.*

Until I met a fit jock dude in his early 30’s at the gym who had real impressive nuts swinging between his muscled thighs. We had some manly fun, just the usual mutual jacking (he was one of those curious dudes). He told me how his balls always get a lot of attention from the fans of low-hangers. Apparently, he was on a football team and some of the other guys used to compete with him in a ball swinging contest, trying to knock over a water bottle with their nuts. lol

The things guys get up to!

And yes, I would have loved to have been there for that.

So, that curious dude introduced me to the world of low-hanger appreciation. It seems the guys at Zack Randall are all up in that nut-action too. They have a new hot dude to share by the name of Jack Karhoff, a straight personal trainer who isn’t shy about getting his cock and nuts out and having a good time. He’s been in one shared jack off with one of the other guys on the site previously. However, this time it’s all about him showing off those balls, tugging on his nads, and stroking a load from his throbbing dick.

I like him, I want more of him, and I really want to see him getting those nuts sucked by one of the other dudes on the site. I get the feeling we might be seeing that in the next few weeks and I honestly can’t wait! 🙂

Let me know in the comments what you guys think about nuts. Do you like them “low and swinging” or are you more into “tight sacks?”

Click to see Jack Karhoff empty his balls! If you don’t know about the site then read our Zack Randall review too. It’s definitely a cool studio for fans of amateurs, low-hangers, self sucking, squirting cum, straight guys, porn.

Jake Karhoff has some big balls
That’s a tempting sight for nut lovers
Jake Karhoff at Zack Randall
Posing like a show-off
Jake Karloff admires his low-hangers
You’d lick it all, right?
low-hangers big ball porn at Zack Randall
Long and stiff and loaded with cream
Jake Karhoff empties his low-hangers
Gotta get that workout nutt

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