Handsome Jock Top Christian Wilde Gets An Offer He Can’t Refuse

He’s a handsome jock top with a great cock, and he can’t say no to a hotel guest who needs his holes filling!

I’ve had a lot of jobs over the years.

I worked in more than one shitty warehouse loading furniture onto trucks.

I packed CDs and DVDs for a few quid an hour way back in the 90s.

My work experience was varied and depressing lol

One of the most boring jobs I ever had was working nights as a security guard.

In my case I was mostly at a reception desk in an empty building or patrolling a construction site, I can imagine being a guard at a hotel would be a little more interesting.

Christian Wilde is the handsome jock top who’s supposed to be on duty protecting the clientele. I don’t think it’s so surprising that when Theo Brady gets his attention and makes an obvious offer the horny stud is soon abandoning his post.

And I have to say, I would probably be trying to entice Christian up to my room, too.

He’s got that hot Beckham look about him. I don’t often go for guys with a lot of ink but you have to admit he’s a damn hottie.

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So anyway, Christian is soon being as unprofessional as he can be.

He finds himself being led by his cock up to that room where Theo is quickly eager to suck on his throbbing meat and get his hole stuffed.

You can bet this handsome jock top is more than happy to serve this customer as best he can.

With some slurps of his dick and some rimming of Theo’s hole that naked cock is sliding right in.

Theo takes a great ride on his new friend’s rigid bareback boner and the two finish off with some spurting loads that should have any watcher joining in with them.

I wish my career I security was like this!

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