Happy Holidays! Enjoy some shots of ridiculously gorgeous Brock O’Hurn!

As it’s Christmas Day you might have assumed that we wouldn’t have anything for you to drool over today, but you would be wrong! I spent a little while trying to think of something suitably festive, and then I remembered that gorgeous Brock O’Hurn exists.

Muscled hunk Brock O'Hurn
He could come down my chimney any time, even though I don’t have one.

I can’t remember exactly how I came to know that this gorgeous stud was in the world but I get the feeling it was probably one of my thirsty friends who alerted me to his existence. I was certainly glad they did.

As I understand it, Brock O’Hurn started out as a social media influencer, before they were even a thing. I guess when you look like this guy you’re just automatically going to get a couple million people following what you do. That’s how it’s worked out for him, by the way – 2.6 million are checking out his posts.

So, who is he other than a gorgeous guy on Instagram? He’s a model (duh), an actor, bodybuilder, and fitness instructor. I know, it’s the most common mix of professions for a guy who looks like this. You never see any hunks on social media who work in pest control, right? lol

He loves his bikes, acting like a Viking and repeatedly getting injured in various ways. Oh, and he’s also the same height as me at 6’7″ tall.

Can you imagine being this big and that tall? Dayum!

Although I haven’t seen him in either he’s apparently been in Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween (1 and 2), and one episode of Euphoria. I get the feeling that most people know of him just for his gorgeous face and damn fine bod, and that’s totally fine because I have no interest in the things he’s appeared in as an actor (unless he ever does porn lol)

Anyway, here are some pics of him being absolutely gorgeous.

Make sure you have a glorious Christmas Day, and if you feel like joining a great website to treat yourself I would highly recommend Mr. Man! 🙂

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