Hot Boy Roman Roucka Wanks his Rock Hard One for the Guys – First Time!


Yeah, you guys know I love jack off solos like this, mainly because I fucking love seeing a new guy like Roman Roucka exploring things and I like to get in on the fun from when they start out. I don’t know for sure that we’re gonna see this horny straight guy sucking cock and fucking ass, but I can imagine we probably will!

Click to see Roman Roucka squirting cum
New arrival Roman Roucka will be back, surely?

I think I’ve said this before about their shoots, but the photos really don’t show Roman in the best light. He’s so serious in most of these pics but in the video he’s much more handsome and he’s grinning through a lot of it too.

We get the usual interview at the start where he says a few things about what he’s into. Predictably he enjoys working out at the gym and playing football. It works for him, he’s a fit lad with a nice body and I admit I’d gladly spend some time exploring it. 🙂

And when it comes to that Roman says he’s definitely straight, totally and unquestionably into women only. However, when he’s asked if it’s a question of money, he seems to be a little more open-minded about things… I know I said that I don’t know if we’re gonna see him doing anything with another guy, but I totally expect they’re gonna throw some serious cash at him to star in a handjob massage session. I can’t wait for that.

He’s confident and sexy, his uncut cock soon out and already hard and bouncing around. Does Roman really like showing off? It seems so. That dick didn’t take any stroking to be bouncing up and ready for a good long jack off, which is exactly what we get.

Roman’s a grower, as you can see from these photos. When he’s laying back on the bed that thick and long tool is rigid with delight in his hand, even showing off his virgin straight dude hole doesn’t seem to faze him at all. 🙂

If you love a good cummer you need to stick around for the final moments. Roman really pumps that meat and spurts a big messy cum load over his thigh. Will we get to see one of their other guys taking that big splashing load to the face at some point? Here’s hoping! 🙂

Enjoy some pics, and remember these photos really don’t do Roman Roucka justice, you need to click through and at least watch the trailer.

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