Hot Jock Buddies Skate Park Hookup!

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I tried skateboarding once. Yes, once! When I eventually regained consciousness I decided that I don’t have the skills for such a thing and that my primary sporting activities should be chair-based. So, while I obviously have no experience other than that, I can categorically say that handsome jock Marty in this video from Behind Friends is almost as bad at it as I was.

Click to watch Marty and Dave bareback fucking
Dicks out in the park!

He’s out at the skate park looking a little foolish while he attempts to stay on his board, but it’s a good thing it’s all for just an audience of one. Handsome and buff lad Dave is checking him out from a bench nearby, and all it takes is a long and lusty look for the two to be hooking up.

We’re not surprised, though, have you seen how damn fine both these guys are? Honestly, I’ve just spent the last ten minutes staring at that pic above and imagining being there to work them both over with my tongue.

Yep, this is the cruisiest of cruisy fuck sessions, and it starts out damn horny when the two lads get their big uncut dicks out right there in the park to enjoy some sucking before heading back to the bedroom. As a fan of blowing dudes outside, I heartily approve of this horny opening sequence.

I guess I should mention that this is the first time we’ve seen anything on the blog from the Behind Friends site, but although you might think I’m just trying to sell it (I really don’t need to try too hard) you need their action in your life. I’ll be writing up a proper review soon so stick around for that, but in the meantime check out some pics of Dave giving Marty a thorough bareback fucking that leaves the lean jock’s ass splashed with cum and his own load up his hot bod!

Click here to watch the video, and check out some of the other seriously hot men and twinks they have on the site sharing their dongs with each other. Honestly, this is the kind of European gay porn we all love to see, with some of the hottest guys too.

And before you ask, no, this hasn’t made me want to try skateboarding to hook up with guys. I might be horny 24/7 but I ain’t suicidal!

Marty can’t wait to grab that dick
Dave has a tasty jock cock for Marty to suck
Dave isn’t one to miss out on some good meat
Marty is better at riding dick than riding a skateboard!
His beefy jock ass loves that meaty injection
Time to get sticky with it!

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