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Click for Bare Trunks 2 DVD
Twink holes and fit jock dicks, all bareback!

I was in the mood for some twink ass today, but I’ll explain why in a moment. Naturally I turned to one of my fave sites the second I got home from work and would you look what I found as the latest new arrival! There’s a whole lot of tight little hole in Bare Trunks 2, and after stroking out a load watching some of this today I’m gonna be back for the rest of it this weekend.

Click for Bare Trunks 2 DVD
Twink holes and fit jock dicks, all bareback!

Full cast list: Cruz Adams, Elliott Cerry, Jeremy Stoor, Jimmy Corey, Mario Luna, Ruslan Tarovsky, Shane Barrett, Simon Tanner, Thien Lan

Studio: Vimpex Gay Media, Tainted Twin X


So, why am I in the mood for some twink action? A buddy of mine has been trying to hook me up with a lad he works with, and so far I’ve managed to resist his offer, mainly because I know the kind of guy he likes to hook up with an I don’t need that drama in my life. But, I relented today and the hottest little fit lad walked in with my buddy to have lunch with me at a local pub. Yeah, I was pretty much sold then but when the lad followed me to the toilets and gave me a little wank show (8 inches!) I was most definitely up for it.

We’re meeting tonight and I’m gonna pound the cum out of the lad 🙂

This new DVD arrival has just got me even more in the mood for it. It’s packed with European boys and jocks, big dicks, loads of foreskin, plenty of cum, and a whole lot of bareback fucking too. Could you ask for anything more in a porn movie?

If you’re looking for story and award-winning action you’re probably in the wrong place, but I know you’re not looking for any of that. There are no Streeps in this one. lol

You get four awesome scenes of swimmer action in this release, although only two are set in an actual swimming setting. I don’t mind too much, but I have a fetish for sporty locations with fit lads like these so I’ll probably be rubbing out my loads to the two scenes with a pool before maybe moving on to the others.

And yes, I think I’ll be taking a dip when I go to the gym this weekend. It’s been a while since I last went swimming (or as I call it, stylish perpetual drowning) but these boys have inspired me to maybe do a little cruising too. 🙂

Click here for the movie, but don’t forget to take a look at my NakedSword site review if you haven’t already.

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