The Best Of Spike, And His Huge Cum Shots!

Even if you don’t know, you’ve definitely seen this jock dude and his big meat spurting off huge cum shots. You’re gonna want to see this compilation if you love big dicks and messy spooge loads!

The Best Of Spike Huge Cum Shots
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Cast list: Billy Herrington, Brad Davis, Cody Tyler, Dean Phoenix, Emilio Sands, Javier Duran, Sam Dixon, Spike, Tyler Zane, Zach Richards

Studio: All Worlds Video

If a performer can get by on just one name you know they’re big.

Cher, Madonna, Zendaya… if you’ve cut down your persona and can be recognized with just one word then it’s fair to say you’ve made it in your field, right?

That can be said for Spike.

He’s not the only one who uses that name in gay porn, but thanks to his big cock and huge cum shots no one else can pretend to be him.

Even if you don’t know who he is you’ve probably seen his big dick slinging that cream. He’s famous for his cum explosions, and there’s a lot on this compilation to enjoy.

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I have a lot of interests when it comes to porn.

I love muscle guys, jocks, college dude themes, straight guys, big dicks, and huge cum shots. So it’s probably not a surprise that I recognize several of the scenes in this compilation.

He was a damn hot dude back in the 90s. He had everything I liked to see. The themes of the movies he was in were right up my alley.

He actually had a long career. He was working in porn from 1994 all the way up until 2014. Not many guys stay in porn for two decades, but with his impressive skills, it’s perhaps no wonder he did.

Although he started out straight/bi he really became famous when he started fucking around with guys. And this is what you get in this hour and a half of hardcore cock play and spooge slinging.

We get scene after scene of Spike sucking dicks, being blown, fucking butts, and exploding his huge cum shots for his co-stars to appreciate.

It’s impressive to watch.

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