Huge Muscle Man On Cam – Andrew Corey Is My New Fixation

He’s not the first and he won’t be the last, but after seeing this huge muscle man on cam I’m ready to be his fanboy.

I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I have a thing for muscle men.

When it started I’m not entirely sure. I guess it might have been because one of the first guys I ever fooled around with was a muscled dude.

My fascination with bodybuilder dudes exists to this day.

I guess it’s not helped by the fact that my gym has a lot of muscle men. They have a big weight room there and a lot of dudes can be watched just pumping iron.

And yes, my gym is a bit cruisy. You can usually find at least a couple of dudes showing off their dicks in the showers or steam room.

In my experience a lot built guys like this have a thing for exhibitionism.

I just found this huge muscle man on cam and I’m definitely ready to become a simp for him 🙂

Yes, I would gladly worship Andrew Corey.

Muscle worship isn’t something I’ve really tried out for myself but I like watching some of those videos. Can you imagine being given the chance to explore this powerful hunk’s awesome physique?

He’s immense!

At only 25 he has the kind of body you might expect from someone ten years older. Clearly he puts in a lot of work at the gym and he’s been doing it for a while.

He’s also damn handsome.

There’s a 7″ uncut cock between his meaty thighs, too.

Like a lot of similar muscle hunks he’s bisexual. I think we all know that he’s primarily dick-driven 🙂

He’s into a few kinks like role play and domination, and of course muscle worship. How could you look like this and not be into that?

Enjoy some of his pics and make sure you click here to see this huge muscle man on cam. I’ll probably see you there in the chat 🙂

You’re still here? Click and start watching this huge muscle man on cam playing with his uncut meat!

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