Hung Daddy Jack Andy owns bottom Chandler Scott, and it’s Damn Hot!


Okay guys, I think I might be about to become infatuated with handsome daddy dude Jack Andy. He’s the big man topping his buddy Chandler Scott in this bizarrely themed session.

click to watch hung daddy Jack Andy fucking bottom Chandler Scott
Hairy top Jack Andy needs that ass

This definitely isn’t the first time I’ve seen hairy dude Jack. However, it’s the first time I’ve seen him after realizing that there’s a trainer at my gym who looks a lot like this dude. Judging from the shape I often see in his sweat pants he has just as much cock as this guy does too. 🙂

No, there’s no chance I’m gonna get that straight trainers dick, but a guy can dream. And hey, he keeps me coming back so the tease is definitely motivating! lol

Now, you might be wondering why I called this a “bizarrely themed” video. The description for this scene suggests that Jack has been spanking his long cock against that ass for hours while he was sleeping and now he’s bruised. *incredulous face*

I think this is one of those instances where they ran out of ideas and it didn’t matter if it just sounded really weird. I think I would probably have just gone with a good fucking and not bother trying to concoct something like that.

We’re here for the action, and these guys definitely deliver it. Jack is most definitely in control here, but I think that might be because he’s technically “straight”. Still, I think he’s one of those straight guys who just like to jam his big cock into any warm hole and Chandler definitely delivers that.

There’s a lot of great sucking, some juicy rimming and a whole lot of ass punishing bareback fucking in this scene, all finished off with a mess of fresh cum that should have you all splooging with them.

Check out some of the pics and click through for the video, if you just ignore the silly story about Jack beating that ass with his cock for hours you’ll love the rest of it! 🙂


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